You may have read or heard me talking about little Danny Feltwell's story.  The 3 year-old from Margate was diagnosed at age two with a childhood cancer, and has been under treatment... and chemotherapy for the last year.

Friends and neighbors from around Margate are holding a benefit beef and beef at the Margate Log Cabin next Saturday, January 21st, from 3-7 p.m.  Please consider joining me there to support Danny's cause.

I would like you to read an e-mail  Danny's father sent me, to give you the very latest information on his son's condition.  This note is also an amazingly candid look at the real-life implications of what it's like for the boy and his father as they  wage this fight for Danny's life.

I welcome your reaction to Danny's story. You may leave them in the comments section below...

Hi Eddie,

Thank You so very much, your compassion to our fight against Childhood Cancer will never be forgotten. I will keep you informed on everything and how Danny is doing. This coming week will be a difficult week for Danny, he will receive another aggressive Chemotherapy Regiment. We will start on Monday the 9th of Jan. and Danny will receive a one hour infusion of Nelarabine every day for five days. We will be hopeful that we can drive back and forth to AI duPont every day so Danny can sleep in his own bed. But if he were to run a fever of 100.4 deg. we will have to stay for a few days, as a precaution and/or for help and other medication. AI duPont is in Wilmington, DE so our days are going to be quite long.

Nelarabine is an Investigational Chemotherapy Compound. It is not a new Compound but new to treating my sons Cancer, T-cell Lymphoblastic Lymphoma. I have allowed my son to be enrolled in the Study that Nelarabine is being investigated for two reasons, first Nelarabine "may" lessen the chance that my son will have a re-occurring of his type of Cancer, and second was that if by using my sons data or information about receiving Nelarabine, my help children who will be diagnosed with T-cell Lymphoblasic Lymphoma then I do not have to think twice about this decision. I never want another parent to hear the words I heard on Nov. 23, 2010, "your son has Cancer and we will do all we can to save his life". I could never express the deep anguish I felt at that moment. I have cashed in my retirement account, a year ago, and now my son and I live with my family. Being a proud father and a responsible man it has been very hard for me to except help, but now I realize that this benefit was put together to help my son, and to help me get him well so that he may have the Cure he so deserves. Thank you very much for your compassion and for being there for us, I will never forget what you are doing and I am proud to call you my friend.

Thank you,

Danny`s Dad  (Dan Feltwell)