Naming a pet is a difficult task, it's the name you will be yelling out over and over again. It's the name you have to tell everyone that meets your pet and not be embarrassed by it. It is sort of like a kid. You could go with the over used names like Bella, Spot, Buddy, Fluffy, or Chloe. Those are boring, so we came up with better names for you.

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    Chi-Wawa the Chihuahua

    See what we did there? A nice little play on words. If you have a chihuahua, clearly the only acceptable name is Chi-Wawa.

  • 2

    Pork Roll the Pig

    Yes, this one is a little mean, but it's pretty funny...

  • 3

    Dice the Cat

    If you own a cat, you know it's a roll of the dice how your cat will treat you. Sometimes they will act like they love you more than anything else and other times they will act like you are their mortal enemy. Naming your cat Dice is not only appropriate to their attitude, but also reflects Atlantic City.

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    If you own a pet that can be described as being as big as an elephant, name her after Lucy the Elephant! Bonus, it's a cute name.

  • 5

    Johnson's Popcorn the Binturong

    What is a binturong? It's not a bear nor a cat, but it's known as a bearcat. Why would you name this animal after Johnson's Popcorn? Well, it's famous for smelling like freshly popped popcorn.

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    Chatsworth the Catsworth

    This one made us giggle, which is honestly the only reason it's on our list. His first name is obviously Sir Cranberry Chatsworth the Catsworth. He is very regal.

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    The best folklore tale from South Jersey is without a doubt the Jersey Devil. Pay homage to New Jersey's favorite devil by naming your pet Leeds after the family.

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