The hustle and bustle of the holidays are almost here which means your stress level could be on the way up.

Here are some tips to hopefully keep your holiday stress levels down!  1. Drink more OJ.  Two 8-ounce glasses of orange juice daily will give you the vitamin C you need.

2. Spend quality time with a pet.  Being around a pet provides more stress relief than being around a two-legged companion.

3. Shake it out.  Shaking out your fingers will relieve the tension in your forearms, hands, and wrists.

4. Smile. Smile and keep quiet for 2 seconds... It'll slow you down and create the impression that you're relaxed.

5. Exercise.  33 minutes of high-intensity exercise helps lower stress levels

And finally, listen to Christmas Music at work.. I know the perfect radio station in South Jersey for that! Lite Rock 96.9 WFPG. According to a study, muisc lowers your stress levels at work. It also lowers the risk of the common cold.

Hope this hleps. Happy Holidays!