Lowest gas prices in NJ

Gas Prices Continue to Rise in New Jersey
Gas prices continue to get higher and higher with no end in sight. Some analysts blame the increase on rising crude prices, but they are not sure why. The average cost for a gallon of gas in New Jersey is $3.58. I guess it could be worse. Drivers
Gas Prices Could Drop 50 Cents Per Gallon
Here's some actual good news for a Monday.. Gas prices could soon drop 50 cents per gallon. Gas is now averaging around $3.69 per gallon but, it's expected to drop to $3.39 or lower by the end of November.
Gas Prices On The Rise Again in South Jersey
Get ready to pay more at the pump this holiday weekend. Last year, unleaded gas cost an average of  $2.62 which would be considered a bargain today. I just filled up at the AC rest stop where the price for unleaded regular was $3.71. That will change and probably go up …