The week-old campaign to save the life of Roscoe, an 11-month-old mastiff puppy... needing double hip replacement surgery, has come to a successful conclusion!

Last week on the Lite Rock Pet of the Week , which airs Thursday at 7:15a.m. on the Lite Rock Morning Show, Bill Hollingsworth from the Humane Society of Ocean City told me about Roscoe's predicament.  Roscoe was abused from birth and kept caged extensively during his first 6 months as a puppy.

Because of that abuse, Roscoe developed a serious medical condition, hip dysplasia, a rear leg lameness, often found in older large breeds of dog.

The operation that would save Roscoe and allow him to have a normal, happy life is very specialized and very expensive, approximately $12,000! The Humane Society, which now offers many veterinary services, is not equipped for an operation of this type,  A surgical animal hospital is required for the complicated procedure that could save Roscoe.

Lite Rock appealed to our listeners to help with a monetary donation to help cover the expense of the surgery and many did.

What we didn't realize at the time, is that an executive from Red Bank Animal Hospital, which has a branch in Linwood, was  listening to the Lite Rock Pet of the Week segment and had also heard about Roscoe's situation.This week, Red Bank Animal Hospital offered to perform the surgery on Roscoe at no charge!

The money collected by donations will be used to pay for Roscoe's post surgery therapy and to help other animals in need of care.

My sincere thanks to Red Bank Animal Hospital and to all the Lite Rock listeners who gave generously and rallied behind the cause to "Save Rosco the Puppy! Thanks again, Eddie

Here is a press release from the Humane Society of Ocean City concerning Roscoe.

Generous offer to help Rosco from Red Bank Animal Hospital

31 Jan 2013 8:16 am

Red Bank Animal Hospital has offered to perform surgery on Rosco free of charge after hearing Eddie Davis's Pet of the Week segment on Jan 24th. The generous offer was presented to our Executive Director by Dr. Susan Montenegro (Hospital Director of Red Bank Linwood) after Jim Montenegro (Director of Operations-Red Bank Linwood) heard the the segment and both of them informed Dr. Anthony DeCarlo C.E.O. Red Bank Animal Hospital Network of the story and he offered their services.

The Hsoc is grateful for everyone who has made a donation towards Rosco and the money collect to date will be used to pay for his post surgery therapy and we will continue to collect funds in the future. This will be done through HSOC's Bud Fund who will then contribute funds to Red Bank's Pet U.S. Foundation.

Bill Hollingsworth -HSOC Executive Director stated; "We are grateful for the community support as well as Red Bank Animal Hospital,our staff and volunteers. We are also grateful for Eddie Davis and Lite Rock 96.9 FM WFPG for allowing us to share Rosco's story on air."