Stop me if you've heard this one.  A man with a samurai sword walks in to a South Jersey deli and demands his cell phone back.

No, it wasn't a modern day take on the old John Belushi Saturday Night Live skit (but I couldn't resist using the picture), this really happened Monday night in Villas, and it was no joke to the deli workers involved.

Police in Lower Township, Cape May County,  say Ryan Crump, 43, entered the American Deli on Bayshore Road and threatened 3 employees with a samurai sword.

TV-40 is reporting that Crump pulled out a samurai sword and told the deli workers they better give him his cell phone back fast or he was "going to slice all of us up".

The workers say they have no idea what the man was talking about and have no knowledge of the whereabouts of his cell phone.

One of the workers escaped out of the back door of the deli and called police, who quickly responded.

Police confronted Crump in the store and quickly controlled the situation.  He was taken to Cape May County jail on $35,000 bail.

American Deli surveillance video