I love a nice bottle of wine. A smooth red merlot is my absolute favorite.

I'm am so looking forward to The Grapes and Grain Festival next Saturday at The Trump Taj Mahal. 

You can sample over 30 wines and 30 craft beers.  Thwere will also lots of food and live entertainment. You can also have a chance to win a trip to have a cold one in Gremany or have a botlle of white or a bottle of red in Paris. Your choice.

Here's jus a few of the wines you can sample at the Grapes and Grain Festival:

Middle Sister Drama Queen Pinot Grigio

Moletto Prosecco

Purple Cowboy Trailboss Cabernet

Matua Sauvignon Blanc

Chateau St. Jean Cabernet Sauvignon

Goosebump Velvety Red

Cliffhanger Pinot Grigio Trentino

Hope to see you June 7th at The Grapes and Grain Festival at the Trump Taj Mahal!