Luckily, I heard and saw all those campaign ads.  It's election time again in South Jersey; almost time to head to for the polls and the nice folks in the political commercials and the automated phone calls have helped me realize I had it all wrong about the local candidates. Apparently I couldn’t pick the best candidate out of a police line-up if I had too. And with what I’ve learned in these political ads, I just might have too. Can you believe these thieving, good-for-nothing crooks are running for office?

Fortunately the dramatic lady in the commercial with the urgent music accompaniment told me the real deal about that incompetent I’d always thought was doing a good job.  What about the shocking revelations made by that one guy about the other guy’s two day work week?.

One candidate’s wife  even called my house several times to tell me her flabbergasted reaction to how malicious and dishonest her husband’s competitor was being about her family and her poor old aunt Millie, who spends eighteen hours a day on a ventilator in the family room, ‘cause she allergic to the rest of the family.  It was a heartwarming story. Talk about scandalous, though!

How about that other crook running for office?  It turns out he has six jobs all paying him a full pension and a private masseuse – all at the taxpayer’s expense.  Truly despicable! The commercial man with the sincere but alarming tone told me all about it. Sure, that other woman didn’t do too much bad stuff during her term of office, but that’s only because she never showed up!  If I didn’t see and hear 50 or 60 minutes of those informative and unbiased political ads each day, I would have never known the truth about any of these horrible people who want to be our leaders. I could have made a serious mistake.

I’ll give credit where it’s due, I have all those political commercials to thank for showing me the light.  I’ll never vote for any of those bums now. Are there any candidates left?