Here are are some ideas for a fun in-home Kentucky Derby party courtesy of Squidoo, including how to make a mint julip!  Enjoy the race!

Kentucky Derby Party Ideas

Decorate for your Kentucky Derby party with racehorse cutouts, horse pinata, and lots of balloons. Be sure and have roses, either real or silk, as part of your decorations.


Invite guest to wear their Kentucky Derby Hats and finest clothes.

Have a Kentucky Derby Race DVD playing for your guest to enjoy and remember past races.

Serve mint juleps, burgoo stew, cucumber sandwiches, and other southern style food.

139th Kentucky Derby Party Supplies


Kentucky Derby Hats are a must for any self-respecting Derby fan.  Here are some good choices...

Party Food Ideas

What do you serve at a Kentucky Derby party? Anything Southern! One of the most popular traditional dishes is Burgoo Stew and of course, MInt Juleps. Serve your mint juleps in the frosty Mint Julep Cup you see here. Below are links to recipes for some of the more popular choices for your menu. I hope these give you some ideas.


One thing you absolutely need for mint juleps is lots and lots of crushed or shaved ice!

A Kentucky Derby favorite, Kentucky Burgoo stew, with pork, beef chuck, and chicken for meat, and corn, carrots, onion, celery, and lima beans.

What are you bringing to the Kentucky Derby Party? We've got some great ideas like Benedictine Spread Recipe - Cucumber Tea Sandwiches

What are you bringing to the Kentucky Derby Party? We've got some great ideas like Kentucky Country Ham Salad Recipe

To have a real, and real fun , Kentucky Derby party, you'll need to know how to make a good mint julip!  This video should help...