Josh Groban checked in from the road on the Lite Rock Morning Show Wednesday, as he prepares for his concert at Philadelphia's Wells Fargo Center.

Groban's "In the Round Tour" of North America comes to Philly on Sunday, November 3rd.   Lite Rock is giving you the chance this week in the morning to see and meet him the night of the show!

Listen to our conversation about his life on the road, his fans, and when he first realized as a child what a powerful voice he has.  Good stuff.

Josh was also very patient as I had him call one of his biggest fans, my sister-in-law, to say hi, and then we realized she had another signer's song on her answering machine! How could she? That good for nothing two-timer!!

Listen for yourself.  Click the link to hear Josh Groban on the Lite Rock Morning Show.