Play Lite Rock Impossible Trivia weekdays at 7:20a.m. on the Lite Rock Morning Show.  Each morning I ask a challenging question for you to answer.  It’s up to you to follow the guesses & the hints and try to solve the question before anyone else.  If you win Impossible Trivia this week, I’ll give you… tickets to see singer/songwriter Jackson Browne live in concert at the Circus Maximus Theater at Caesars Atlantic City on Friday, October 12th.

This morning’s holdover question: A majority of women say they would rather not have to do this at work.( The answer is not a work responsibility, but an occasional activity that comes up at almost every workplace) What is it?

The answer?  After giving hints that "because of technology, it happens more often than ever" and "one person's lasting memory, is another's lasting embarrassment", Phyllis in Millville knew the answer was...taking staff photos!