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Impossible Trivia Answers

Every weekday morning at 7:20, Lite Rock 96.9 WFPG poses an Impossible Trivia question to you. Answer the Lite Rock Impossible Question correctly and win a Lite Rock  prize pack.

Impossible Trivia Answers:



12/18- To get more spending money for the holidays, people have done this 20% more in December (than the rest of the year) over the past 5 years.  What is it? ( No correct answer today. Try a guess Friday @ 7:20am)

12/17- This holiday season, 17% of people are giving every person on their list the same thing for Christmas.  What is it? ( Nothing! They aren’t giving gifts this year.)

12/16- It costs 8 cents for the government to make one of these.  What is it? (A nickel)

12/15- It is estimated that the average employee spends 45% of his workday doing this? (Actually working)

12/12- Two-thirds of the people who do this are under age 45, even though the stereotype is that this is an elderly person’s activity.  What’s the activity?(Bingo!)

12/11- This is supposed to be convenient, but it takes longer to do now than it did a decade ago.  What is it? (Ordering at a drive-thru)

12/10- What kids toy causes the most accidents?  (Foot-powered scooters)

12/9- Experts say this is the primary reason for a 25% increase in plastic surgeries in the last two years.  What’s the reason?(Our selfie-obsessed culture)

12/3- What was the most searched celebrity-related story in 2014? (The death of Robin Williams)

12/2- According to a survey, 1 in 6 people are afraid to ride on these.  What is it? (Elevators)

12/1- For the average person, this is expected to happen today (12/1) for the first time.  What is it? (Receive a Christmas card)

11/26- One of these people will be at about a quarter of all Thanksgiving dinners. What kind of person? (A picky eater)

11/25- 20% of victims of online harassment say it happened to them when they were online here.  Where did it happen? (In the comments section!)

11/24- It is estimated that about one in three people did this domestic chore over the weekend.  What was the chore? (Cleaned the refrigerator)

11/21- More than 10% of the American workforce has been warned to stop doing this.  What?  (Shopping online)

11/20-It’s estimated that about 33% of  drivers don’t know how to do this.  What?  (Fill the windshield washer fluid)

11/18 -11/19- According to new research, these could be the germiest things in your home.  What are they?  (Towels!  Kitchen and bath towels are a haven for bacteria!)

11/17-Approximately one in five men refer to their wife by what nickname when talking with other guys?  (“The boss”)

11/14- In a survey, mothers listed this as the most stressful time of the day.  What time is that? (Getting kids to school on time)

11/13-4 out of 5 pet owners have done this with their pet.  hat is it? (Taken a selfie)

11/12- A new survey says that making calls is now only the fifth most popular activity to do with your cellphone!  What’s #4?  (The alarm clock)

11/11- It’s estimated that two-thirds of women under the age of 35 will do this between now and Christmas.  What is it?  (Go on a diet)

11/7-11/10-  A recent study shows, unlike their parents, 60% of millennials (18 to 29 years-old) don’t have one of these.  What is it? (A credit card)

11/6-Researchers found that women are up to nine times more likely to complain about this common seasonal problem.  What’s the problem? (Having cold hands and feet!)

11/4- 11/5- We will experience more of this between now and the end of the year than at any other time of year. What is it?  (Moonlight!  Autumn has the most moonlight.)

11/3- We spend more than twice as much time doing this each week as we did ten years ago.  What is it?  (Grocery shopping)

10/31- What kind of Halloween candy gets the most online searches?  (Gluten-free Halloween candy)

10/30-Over 4000 people share this name with a famous horror movie villain.  What’s the name?(Michael Myers of the “Halloween” Movies)

10/29- According to a survey, one in five people say this is their favorite secret spot to hide money.  Where is it? (In their shoes)

10/27-10/28- Where will you find the most bacteria in a public restroom?  (The toilet paper dispenser, which has 150% more bacteria than the toilet seat!)

10/24- In 1974, 75% of Americans were capable of doing this, but in 2014, only 20% are.  What is it? (Driving a stick shift car)

10/23-What’s the most common word sent via text message between married couples? (OK)

10/22- After you get married, there’s about a 10% chance that this will happen.  What is it? (Your mother or mother-in-law will move in with you)

10/21-What was voted the #1 rude behavior in a recent survey about cell phone etiquette? (Using the speaker phone in public)

10/20 – Online searches for this are up 1000% this year.  What’s the search? (Ebola)

10/17- 11% of Americans old enough to work have done this for a living?  (Worked in a convenience store)

10/16- A survey of nutritionists found the three things they won’t tolerate are french fries, potato chips and  this.  What is it? (Soda)

10/14-10/15- In the year 1389, French Queen Isabeau became the first woman in recorded history to wear this.  What is it?  (Lingerie)

10/13-The average teenager has 12 more of these than the average 50-year-old.  What is it?  (Teeth!)

10/10-Every year, over 85,000 people go to the emergency room or urgent care fro accidents in their home involving these.  What are they? (Pets…They trip over their pets)

10/8-10/9- It’s estimated that Americans will spend $7 billion on this trendy food in 2014.  What’s the food? (Gluten-free foods)

10/7- People said the #1 thing they held on to from an old relationship was pictures.  What was second on the keepsake list?(Ticket stubs)

10/6- In a recent survey about annoying things other drivers do, what was the #3 most popular answer? (#1- cell phone usage while driving; #2- Tailgating; #3- and our answer…Not signaling!)

10/3- 11 billion of these are sold each year, but many of them will never be used.  What are they? (Ketchup packets)

10/2-The amount of these being brought into America has dropped by 55% over the last 15 years.  What is it? (Adopted babies. There are less than half the amount of international adoptions today than in 1999)

10/1 – What is considered to be the least destructible part of the human body? (The hair)

9/30- 20% of women didn’t know that this product has an expiration date.  What’s the product?  (Makeup)

9/29- What follows ‘my house is too small’ as the #2 reason people want to move? (The yard is too small)

9/26- This is thought to be the most spoken word in the world.  What is it?  (Okay)

9/25- The average person will spend 7 1/2 days this year doing this. What was it?  (Shopping)

9/24- About half of all Americans have this for dinner once a month, but households with kids eat it twice a month or more. What was it? (Breakfast)

9/23- The typical woman experiences this for the first time at age 33. What is it? (Gray hair)

9/22- According to a survey, what was the #1 reason you fought with your siblings when you were a kid.  What was it?  (Who got to “ride shotgun” and sit n the front seat.)

9/19- According to a recent study, what is it that causes about half of Americans to lose up to 90 minutes of sleep a night? (Our pets in bed with us)

9/18- In a recent survey, about 1 in 10 Americas said this is their biggest fear.  What is it? (Getting fat)

9/16-9/17- Most men can do this, but it’s estimated that only 10% of women can.  What is it? (Whistle)

9/15- 80% of Americans live within 5 miles of a location of this business.  What is it?  (A YMCA)

9/12- According to a new study, if you want your marriage to last, find a man who is….   What is it? (Short! Study says short men are 32% less likely to divorce!)

9/11- It’s probably an exaggeration, but some people believe you are never more than 10 feet away from this.  What?  (A spider)

9/9-9/10-People who do this regularly weigh 7 pounds less on average and have a lower BMI than people who don’t do it. (The people who do it aren’t really motivated by the weight-loss benefits) What is it?  (Take public transportation)

9/8- A recent study found menus to be the “germiest” things we encounter in restaurants.  What came in second on the restaurant germs list? (Ketchup bottles)
9/5- 9% of parents surveyed with kids in school say they are most concerned about this during the upcoming school year.  What is it? (Not being able to help their kids do their homework because they don’t understand it!)

9/4-Since 2005, there has been an 82% decrease in the number of people who identify as being this race living in Atlantic City.  What’s the race?: (Japanese)

9/3- After dropping off their child at school for the very first time, more than 40% of parents said they immediately wanted to do this.  What is it? (Have another baby!)

9/2- In a recent survey, what food came in a #2 on the “Foods they can’t stand” list(behind anchovies)? (Olives)

8/21- 8/22- Over the past three years, there’s been a 20% increase in the number of adults playing this game competitively. What’s the game?  (Dodgeball)

8/19- 8/20-In the 1820′s, an American hotel offered this innovation for the first time that is now standard in all hotels.  What is it? (Locks on guest room doors)

8/18- In a survey about workplace behavior, people listed this as the #1 most annoying thing done by nearby co-workers. What is it?  (Talking on a speaker phone)

8/15- When it comes to hygiene, about half of the women surveyed said they wished their partner did this more often.  What is it?  (Brushed their teeth)

8/13- 8/14- Experts say about 1 in 4 people should probably wear these?  What are they?  (Adult diapers)

8/12- 1 in 4 people have been concerned enough to do this in a restaurant.  What is it?  (Wipe down their silverware)

8/11- A majority of people said they would switch to a new cellphone if it had this feature.  What is it?  (Longer battery life)

8/7- 9% of people in Cape May today have this in common?  (Canadian tourists)

8/6- What’s the most common mammal in America?  (The mouse)

8/4-8/5- Almost 20% of women say wearing this makes them feel more confident?  (A little black dress)


8/1- What is the most commonly used word in normal conversation in the English language?    (..I )

7/31- Finish this sentence: 9% of Americans say they never have any…? (Cash in them)

7/30- Sales of this well-known toy have been dropping steadily since 2012.  What’s the toy? (Barbie dolls)

7/29- This will happen nearly 800 times in the average baby’s first year of life.  What is it?  (He will have his picture taken)

7/28- Ventnor has 24 of these, but  Margate has 28.  What are they? (Beach tag checkers)

7/25- A new study finds that doctors get this wrong a majority of the time.  What it it? (Baby’s due date)
7/24- The average American eats 30 pounds of this a year.  What is it?  (French fries!)
7/23- What was the #1 answer in a recent survey that asked people, “what’s the most stressful thing you’ve ever experienced?” (Buying or selling a house)
7/21- More copies of this book are printed every year than copies of the Bible?  (The Bible)
7/17-7/18- None of the people aboard The Mayflower had one of these.  What?  (A middle name!  Middle names weren’t the custom and wouldn’t be for another 100 years or more)
7/16- According to a researcher, what’s the single most persuasive word you can use at work?  (“Yeah”)
7/15-Almost 25,000 kids a year are injured while traveling via one of these?  (Shopping carts)
7/14-This national retail chain, facing high debt and stiff competition, is expected to close about 100 stores this year.  What’s the store? (Toys ‘R’ Us)
7/11- According to research, we actually do this one-third less than we think we do it.  What is it?  (Smile)
7/10- Experts say you could save $2500 a year by just doing this every day.  What is it? (Packing your lunch)
7/9- According to a survey, Wednesday is the favorite day of the week for people to do this? (Go on a first date)
7/7- 7/8-Millions of dollars worth of this product have been imported to America for us to use this summer. What’s the product? ( American flags!  6% or about $4million worth come from China)

6/27-According to one bridal magazine, about 20% of people say this is their least favorite wedding tradition.  What is it? (The father giving away the bride!  What’s the matter with those people?) 6/26- These cost 8 times as much as they did back in the 1980′s. What are they? I gave two hints about this question…1-Many times, parents pay for them  2- Most have been put away for the summer (College textbooks) 6/25- This involves a man eight out of every ten times it happens. What is it? (A lightning strike) 6/24- 38% of people in New Jersey have made this big life decision; that’s twice as many as 20 years ago. What is it? (To be cremated. It’s estimated that by 2017, half the American population will opt for cremation.) 6/23-It’s estimated that by age five, 70% of today’s kids can use a computer mouse, but only 10% of them can do this. What is it? (Tie their shoes) 6/19- After the air conditioner, what item uses the most electricity in your home?  (Cable box/DVR) 6/18- According to an online dating website, one-third of women are more attracted to people who include this in their profile.  What is it? (Picture with your pet) 6/17- There were 15 of these businesses in America in 2005.  Today, there are 9000 of them.  What’s the business? (Cross Fit gyms) 6/16-Slightly more than one in ten Americans went to one of these over the weekend. What is it? (A yard/garage sale) 6/13-What came in at #1 when teenagers were asked what they appreciated most about their fathers? (Driving them places) 6/12- 8 out of every 1000 Americans will sleep here tonight.  Where?  (Prison) 6/11-The number of hours that people spend watching this has doubled over the past two years.  What is it? (Watching other people play video games!  There’s time well spent.) 6/10- 78% of Americans do this, but 95% of People in Iceland.  What is it?  (Use the internet) 6/6-6/9-Over 40% of the new homes built in New Jersey have one of these; twice the national average. What is it? (A deck) 6/5- In a survey, one in four guys admitted they really don’t how to use one of these. What is it? (A dishwasher) 6/4- You use 3 times as much of this as people from anywhere else in the world.  What is it?  (Toilet paper) 6/3- One in five people have done this at the ATM.  What is it?  (Made funny faces at security camera) 5/30-6/2- It’s estimated that people are doing this 12% more in the car than they did five years ago. What is it?(Honk the horn)

It’s estimated that people are doing this 12% more in the car than they did five years ago.  What is it? The answer?  (No correct answer!  Try a guess Monday at 7:20am)   Read More: IMPOSSIBLE TRIVIA: People Are Doing This 12% More in the Car Than 5 Years Ago? |

5/28-29- Milkman came in at #1 on one list of obsolete jobs. What job was #2 on the list? (Elevator operator) 5/27- A study found that it takes twice as long to do this on a Monday than any other day of the week. What is it? (Decide what to have for dinner) 5/23- A majority of couples surveyed said, over the last holiday weekend, they argued when one of them did too much of this. What is it? (Checked work e-mail)

A majority of couples surveyed said, over the last holiday weekend, they argued when one of them did too much of this.  What is it? The answer?  (Checked work e-mail)   Read More: IMPOSSIBLE TRIVIA: Last Holiday Weekend, a Majority of Couples Argued About This? |

5/22- A survey says the thing other drivers do that annoys you most is texting while driving.  What’s #2? (Tailgating) 5/21- According to a survey, 31% of women said they have no problem doing this in public.  What is it? (Wearing a bathing suit) 5/19-5/20- Relationship experts warn that women who have one of these are more likely to cheat in their relationships.  What is it?  (A personal trainer) 5/16-According to a survey, people in Delaware have the most unappealing ones in the country.  What is it? (License plates) 5/14-15- You’ll find 6 of these in the average kitchen?  (Fridge magnets) 5/13-The average American family has lots of these, but uses less than 10% of them. What is it?(Cable/satellite TV channels) 5/12-The average price of this well-known product has gone up by 56% since 2010. What’s the product? (Ground beef)

The average price of this well-known product has gone up by 56% since 2010.  What’s the product? The answer:  (Ground beef)   Read More: IMPOSSIBLE TRIVIA: Its Price Has Gone Up by 56% Since 2010? |

5/8-5/9- According to a study, a waitress can expect 19% more in tips if she does this. What is it?(We got the answer shortly after I gave the hint that the answer has something to do with her appearance.) (Wears something red)

According to a study, a waitress can expect 19% more in tips if she does this.  What is it? (We got the answer shortly after I gave the hint that the answer has something to do with her appearance.) The answer? (Wears something red)   Read More: Impossible Trivia Answered! Waitresses Can Earn 19% More Tips By Doing This? |

5/7- There are about 600,000 homes in America with one of these.  What is it? (An outhouse) 5/6- 164 million work hours were lost last year because of this problem.  What’s the problem?  (Dental problems) 5/5- What movie aired second-most on cable TV in 2013?  (“She’s All That”, from 1999, starring Freddie Prinze, Jr. “Mrs. Doubtfire” was #1.)

Read More: IMPOSSIBLE TRIVIA: What Was the Second Most-Watched Movie on Cable Last Year? |

5/1-5/2-Dads are 3 times as likely to do this with the kids than moms are.  What is it?  (Leave young kids in the car while they run in to the store) 4/29-4/30- According to the FBI, there’s been a 27% increase in these cases since the 1960′s.  What are the cases? (Cold cases. In the 1960′s, 90% of murder cases were solved. Today, 63% of murder cases are solved.  Here’s a link to the storysupporting that statistic.) 4/28- More women than men watch this major sporting event?  (The Kentucky Derby) 4/25- In 40% of homes, you’ll find at least one of these that doesn’t work What is it? (An air freshener) 4/23-4/24- Online searches using this particular word spike in April and December. What’s the one word being searched? (Church) 4/22- Experts say this is the most recognized symbol on earth.  What is it?  (The heart symbol) 4/21- Americans spent more than $55 billion on this last year.  What is it?  (Our pets) 4/18-A majority of women think men over 40 who do this look ridiculous. What is it? (Wear their baseball cap backwards) 4/17-About 19,000 people have participated in this program, (supposedly) without a single failure. What’s the program? (The witness protection program)

A majority of women think men over 40 who do this look ridiculous. What is it? The answer? (Wear their baseball cap backwards)   Read More: IMPOSSIBLE TRIVIA: Women Say Men Over 40 Look Ridiculous Doing This? |

4/16- If you are going to mess this up, you’ll most likely to do it after 4PM today. What is it? (Your diet)

If you are going to mess this up, you’ll most likely to do it after 4PM today.  What is it? The answer? (Your diet)   Read More: IMPOSSIBLE TRIVIA: You Are Most Likely to Mess This Up After 4 PM Today? |

4/14-4/15- 19% of people say this is the most irritating waste of time during the workday.  What is it?  (Automated phone systems) 4/11- A survey of the happiest couples found they do this about 3.2 times a month.  What is it?  (Argue)

19% of People Say This is the Most Irritating Waste of Time at Work?Read More: IMPOSSIBLE TRIVIA: 19% of People Say This is the Most Irritating Waste of Time at Work? |

4/10-Water is the world’s most consumed beverage. What are the second and third most consumed beverages? (Tea and beer) 4/8-4/9- According to a study, women unintentionally chose a mate based on this feature. What is it? (Broad shoulders! Actually, broad shoulders and a small waist. 80% of women responding say they found it attractive)

According to a study, women unintentionally chose a mate based on this feature. What is it? The answer?  (Broad shoulders!  Actually, broad shoulders and a small waist.  80% of women responding say they found it attractive)   Read More: Impossible Trivia Solved! Women Look for This feature in Their Mate? |

4/7-In today’s real estate market, a home without this could lose up to 20% of its resale value. What is it? ( High-speed internet access! 19 million homes in the USA still don’t have high-speed access.)

In today’s real estate market, a home without this could lose up to 20% of its resale value.  What is it? The answer? ( High-speed internet access!  19 million homes in the USA still don’t have high-speed access.)   Read More: IMPOSSIBLE TRIVIA: In Today’s Real Estate Market, a House Without This Could Lose 20% of its Value? |
In today’s real estate market, a home without this could lose up to 20% of its resale value.  What is it? The answer? ( High-speed internet access!  19 million homes in the USA still don’t have high-speed access.)   Read More: IMPOSSIBLE TRIVIA: In Today’s Real Estate Market, a House Without This Could Lose 20% of its Value? |

4/4- According to a survey, the top 3 things couples argue about are money, household chores, and this.  What is it?(Snoring!) 4/2-4/3- It’s estimated that more than 60% of women will do this incorrectly today.  Most of the women know they are doing it incorrectly.  What is it?  (Wear the wrong size bra!) 4/1- According to a new study, men complete this unpleasant task about a half-minute faster than women.  What is it?  (Change a diaper) 3/31-The world record for holding the most of these in one hand is 24.  What is it? (Golf balls) 3/27- 3/28-A generation ago, everyone did this.  But today, one-third of adults say they never have.  What is it? (Written a check!) 3/26- Kids were asked what they hate to hear their parents say.  The #1 answer was” money doesn’t grow on trees”.  What was #2?  (“We’ll see”) 3/25-Atlantic and Cape May Counties have seen a 25% increase in this since this time a year ago.  What is it?  (Summer vacation rentals) 3/24-Sales of this home appliance have gone up by 80% over the past decade.  What’s the appliance?  (Toaster ovens) 3/21- What’s the 3rd most common thing found in the car glove box?  (#1 napkins, #2 Car documents, #3- ketchup packets!) 3/17- When a teenage girl needs one of these, she’ll consider over 20 of them before making her decision.  What is it?  (A prom dress) 3/14- 21% of people have misplaced their cell phone and then found it here.  Where was it?  (The laundry basket) 3/13- Parents of kids ages 6 to 12 years old spend about $250 a year on this?  (Birthday party gifts) 311-3/12-In Atlantic County, people who do this job make $3.82 less an hour than the national average for their job.  What’s the job?  (Retail sales!  National average = $18.26 an hour; South Jersey average = $14.44 an hour) 3/10- It’s estimated that your chance of having a car accident is 6% greater today or tomorrow .  Why?  (People adjusting to the time change)

In Atlantic County, NJ., these workers make $3.82 less an hour than the national average for their job.  What’s their job? The answer? (No correct answer this morning !  Try a guess Wednesday @ 7:20am)   Read More: IMPOSSIBLE TRIVIA: In Atlantic County, These Workers Make Almost $4 an Hour Less Than Average? |
In Atlantic County, NJ., these workers make $3.82 less an hour than the national average for their job.  What’s their job? The answer? (No correct answer this morning !  Try a guess Wednesday @ 7:20am)   Read More: IMPOSSIBLE TRIVIA: In Atlantic County, These Workers Make Almost $4 an Hour Less Than Average? |

3/7- In a recent survey, the tagline “Got milk?” was named the the best product catch phrase of all-time.  What was #2 on the list?  (“Don’t leave home without it”) 3/5- 3/6- Based on employee health, happiness, and stress levels, researchers named this job “the unhappiest profession”.  What is it?  (Bus driver) 3/4- Sales of this drink have fallen by about 40% over the last 20 years.  What’s the drink?  (Orange juice) 3/3-According to a recent survey, the #1 turnoff for men, when it comes to women, is tattoos. For women, about men, it’s beards.  The number two turnoff is the same for both genders.  What is it?   (Bad breath)

2/27- 2/28- Other than scratching it, researchers say this is a great way to stop an itch.  What is it?  (Look in a mirror & scratch the opposite side of your body, tricking your brain) 2/26- A survey asked, “what do you wish you could write off on your tax return?”  What was the #1 answer?  (Starbucks coffee) 2/25- When asked what one word describes their perfect vacation, the word most often used by women was “romantic”.  What word did men use the most? (Cheap) 2/24- New Jersey had over 26,000 of these in January of 2014, compared with only 12,000 in January of 2013.  What are they?  Potholes) 2/20- 8 in 10 streakers have this in common. What is it?  (They wear shoes) 2/19- 1.5 million women took part in this male-oriented recreational activity last year, 300,000 more than 5 years ago.  What’s the activity?  (Hunting) 2/18- In a survey, wives said this is the toughest thing to get husbands to do?  (Go to the doctor)

In a survey, wives said this is the toughest thing to get their husbands to do.  What is it? The answer?  Go to the doctor!   Read More: IMPOSSIBLE TRIVIA: Wives Say This is the Toughest Thing to Get Husbands To Do? |

2/13-14- When asked why their last diet failed, about 10% of women blamed it on this.  What is it? (Cold weather) 2/7- Over half the women surveyed said a craving for these could be so intense, they can imagine getting up out of bed to go to the store to get some.  What is it?? (Pringles Potato Chips! …Really?) 2/6- It’s estimated that married people do this twice as much as single people.  What is it?  (Apologize) 2/5- A survey asked, ” If you could be a flavor, what flavor would you be”?.  The number one answer was coffee.  What was the second most popular answer? (Banana) 2/4- According to a survey of women, men in this profession are the most passionate lovers. What profession?  (Mechanics) 2/3- Approximately 13 million Americas did this on Sunday?  (Watched the Puppy Bowl) 1/28- Surprisingly, almost 40% of twenty-somethings own one of these?  (A VCR) 1/24-1/27-A study determined that men with this trait make more money and are more successful at work.  What’s the trait?  (A deep voice) 1/23- On average, these get cleaned every 110 days?  (refrigerators) 1/21-1/22- The next month will be the busiest time of the year for this business, with a 30% spike in business.  What is the business?  (On-line dating!)

1/20- Almost one-third of American women wore one of these over the weekend.  What?  (A football jersey)
1/17- It’s estimated that about 3000 people working in New York City make their living selling this.  What?  (Hot dogs)

1/16-A new report predicts that in 10 years, new cars won’t come with these anymore.  What? (Keys) 1/15- Brigantine Police responded to more than 500 of these calls in 2013? (Security system false alarms) 1/14- It’s estimated that $500,00 in loose change was left behind here last year.  Where?  (Airport security checkpoints) 1/13-There are over 24,000 of these in Atlantic City.  What are they?  (Slot machines!  There are 24,031 slot machines in Atlantic City.  That total is down from the 25,672 slot machines the city had until the Atlantic Club Casino closed.) 1/8- 20% of of drivers broke this law in 2013.  What is it?  (Hint…the broken was  was not a moving violation) (Parked in handicap space) 1/7-The average person in New Jersey will spend over $1000 this year doing this.  What is it? (Going out to lunch) 1/6- On average, Americans have about $56 worth of these in our homes.  What is it? (Coins) 12/19-About 1500 people will go the emergency room this month after throwing their back out doing this. What is it? (Decorating Christmas tree) 12/17-18- About 20% of people said their family’s biggest holiday arguments are about this..  What is it?  (Board games!) 12/16-The amount of people doing this in their homes has decreased by 80% over the past 50 years.  What is it?  (Take baths) 12/12- A survey says the #1 thing we hate about the holidays is waiting in long lines.  What’s second? (Gaining weight!) 12/10-12/11-People were asked to name what they don’t want for Christmas and about 40% included this item.  What is it? (a sweater!) 12/6-People were asked, “if you found an extra $100 in your pocket, whee would you spend it?”  Their most popular answer was shopping.  What was the #3 answer?(#2-eating out; #3- …filling tank with gas!) 12/4-12/5- Experts list this as one of the top ways business women can help their careers.   What is it? (Taking up the game of golf) 12/3- For every 100 people in America, there are 436 of these.  What are they?  (Cars) 12/2- The airplane, the internet, the telephone and the zipper all have this in common.  What is it? (They are all American inventions) 11/27-42% of turkeys that will be served for Thanksgiving have THIS in common.   What is it?  (Cooked by men) 11/25-11/26-When a group of 5-year-olds were asked what they least liked at Thanksgiving, a quarter of the kids said ” all the_______”.   What is it?  (All the fighting and arguing!) 11/21- About 40% of travelers want these banned from airplanes.  What are they? (Reclining seats) 11/20-According to a survey, 30% of women now say they won’t marry a man who has one of these.  What is it?  (A bad credit score) 11/18-11/19- It is estimated that 10% fewer kids do this in 2013 than did it in 2010.  What is it?  (Play organized football.  A better understanding of the danger from concussions has made many parents reluctant to let their kids play football, and 10% fewer boys are involved than just 3 years ago.) 11/15- 50 years ago, the average person over age 65 had seven of these.  Today, the average person over 65 has 17 of these.  What is it?  (Teeth!) 11/13-11/14- A recent university study found couples who have THIS are more likely to have happier marriages.  What is it?  We started getting much closer to an answer when I gave this hint…What these couples have, they had before they met their partner.( According to the Ohio State University study, happier couples tend to have ….siblings!  Brothers and sisters.) 11/11-11/12-  In a recent survey of the foods we like the least, liver was  number 1 and lima beans was number 2. What food came in at  number 3 on the least favorite list?  (Mushrooms) 11/8- You may find it surprising that men buy about one-third of this cosmetic product.  What is it? (Anti-stretch mark cream!) 11/7- In a recent survey, people picked this as THE most annoying habit. What is it?( Even though we had many say chewing with your mouth open, the answer was chewing ice!) 11/6-A study found that kids who do this everyday weigh less than other kids.  What is it?  (Go to bed earlier) 11/4-11/5-31% of office workers listed this as their favorite reason for going to work.  What is it?( Office gossip!) 10/30-10/31- Americans are expected to spent over $300 million on THIS this month, a 65% increase from just 3 years ago.  What is it?  (Pet costumes!) 10/29-According to a recent survey, what’s the most common nickname people give their car? (Baby!) 10/28- Since the 1980′s, wages for this job have risen nine times the rate of inflation and the average starting salary is now $12 an hour.  What the job?  (Babysitter) 10/25- According to a survey of brides, what is their #1 wedding day regret? (Spending too much time walking around reception thanking guests) 10/23-10/24- People were asked, if they could change one thing about their significant other, what would it be?  What was the number one answer?  (#1-Their weight, #2 smoking, #3 -snoring) 10/21-10/22-  Almost 10% of households in America don’t have one of these.  What is it?  (The hint…Those who do have one don’t keep it in the house.)  Answer: A car! 10/18- A study found, when meeting someone new, the first two things people judge are the other person’s teeth and this.  What is it?  Their grammar! (Don’t now if I agree with that study) 10/17-It’s estimated that 80% of us do this every night at dinner.  What is it? (Sit in the same place) 10/16- What inanimate object are you most likely to say “hurry up” to? The number one answer was a computer.  What was second?  (An ATM) 10/14-10/15- 30 years ago, 75% of American homes had one of these.  Today, about 3% do.  What is it?  (an air-popped popcorn maker). 10/11- In the average workplace, you’ll find more germs on this handle than on the toilet handle.  What handle is that?  (The coffee pot handle!) 10/9-10/10- About one-third of people surveyed said this is the worst thing to eat while driving.  What is it?  (After I gave the hint that it’s a healthy food, but only if you don’t kill yourself eating it while driving, Ellie from EHT knew it was …a salad!) 10/8-A study found that, on average, it will take you more than 8 seconds longer to do this than it did a year ago.  What is it?  (Go through a fast food drive-thru line!  The chains’ menu’s are getting more complicated and it takes longer to prepare the food.) 10/7-: A survey asked people what three things they could not without.  What was number three?( 1- internet, 2- TV, and #3…cuddling!) 10/4- According to a recent survey,  we think this is the most prestigious job in America.  What’s the job? (Firefighter) 10/3- When school started this year, the average mom spent about $130 on this.  What is it?  (Herself) 10/2-  A workplace study show that doing this is an effective way of getting on your boss’ good side.  What is it? (Dressing like the boss!) 9/30-10/1- When a survey asked people, “what brings you the greatest joy”, 35% of respondents said it was this.  What? (A clean home) 9/27-According to a survey, this is mens’ least favorite thing to shop for? (Furniture) 9/26- We eat three times as much of this as we did in the 1970′s.  What is it?  (Cheese) 9/25- According to a survey, Mothers are more likely than fathers to admit this about their children.  What is it? (They have a favorite child!) 9/23-9/24- One-third of American households bought one of these gadgets in the past 5 years, but few say they still use it . What is it?  (A digital picture frame) 9/20- Americans will eat over 400 million of these snacks this year! What ‘s the snack?  (Snickers bars) 9/18-9/19- A study found kids are less likely to miss class with sick days when the school has this.  What is it? (Fresh air!) 9/17- 25% of people say this is a bad place to go on a first date.  Where is it? ( Any sporting event) 9/16- If you are an average person, you can expect to do this over 1800 times during your life.  What is it? (Go to McDonald’s) 9/13- Most people use these only as a last resort.  What are they?  (Directions) 9/11- 9/12-Four out of ten people dislike this, because they are no good at it.  What is it? (Parallel park) 9/9-9/10: As many as 25% of people have been known to do this in their sleep.  What is it? (No correct answer this morning.  Try a guess Tuesday at 7:20am) 9/6-According to a survey in a woman’s magazine, 7 out of 10 women won’t date a guy who has this.  What is it? (Gray hair) 9/5- On average, one of these lasts 8 days.  What is it?  ( A diet!) 9/4- A majority of women do this intentionally, even though it causes them discomfort.  What is it? (They wear shoes too small for their feet) 9/3- 20% of people say they rarely do this when eating a meal.  What is it?  (Sit) 8/23- Vanilla and chocolate are the top two ice cream flavors in America.  What is the third most popular flavor? (Butter pecan)

8/21-8/22- About a third of the people who chose this career now regret it.  What’s the career? (Journalism)
8/19-8/20- A new survey found that the most common argument between husbands and wives involves the dishwasher. What’s now the second most common argument? (The cell phone bill)
8/16- Seven in ten Facebook users have deleted a friend because of this.  What is it?  (Too many requests to play games)

8/14-8/15- According to one list, what the 9th most popular term of endearment; it’s used more by men than by women? (Pumpkin) 8/13- When looking for a girlfriend, about 10% of men say they hope she doesn’t drink heavily or have one of these.  What is it? (A cat!) 8/12- These are the cause of about 3100 house and apartment fires in America every year.  What are they? (Toasters and toaster ovens) 8/8-A study shows people with this job do the most walking.  What’s the job? (Mail carrier) 8/7- In order to host a Super Bowl game, the stadium must be able to accommodate at least 40 of these.  What are they?  (TV broadcast trucks.) 8/6- One-third of married women regret this?  (Taking his name) 8/5- Over the past six years, 4 million fewer Americans have taken part in this popular outdoor activity. What is it?( Golf!  According to “Golf Digest”, the amount of people playing the game dropped from 30 million people in 2005 to 26 million in 2011.  Price and length of time to play 18 holes are given as the reason.) 8/2- It’s estimated that almost 10% of fender benders are caused by this.  What is it?  (A bug or bee in the car) 7/31-8/1- 20% of women say it’s a deal-breaker if he shows up for the first date wearing this.  What is it? ( Gold chains) 7/29-7/30- Just over half of American women say they don’t like it when a man does this. What is it? (When he winks at her!) 7/25- It’s something people do their whole lives, until they die, and experts say we start doing it at age two.  What is it? ( Lie!) 7/24-Almost one-third of Americans don’t know how to do this.  What is it? (Swim) 7/23- The average person spends $451 a year on this.  What is it? (Pizza) 7/22-  In a survey, people said this is the worst thing about e-mail.  What is it?  (Reply all) 7/19-According to a wedding website, this kitchen item is this year’s second most popular wedding gift.  (Cash is most popular). What’s the kitchen item? ( The electric knife) 7/18-A new study says the longer you are married, the less you’ll do this.  What is it? (Argue) 7/17- Experts say the increase in consumption of this food is the number one food trend in the past decade.  What’s the food?  (Yogurt) 7/15-7/16- There are 310 of these in Atlantic City.  What are they? (Full-time police officers) 7/12- In a survey, 7 out of 10 men said they would never let their significant other near this.  What is it? (The grill) 7/10-7/11- Most college graduates have had at least two of these, but the majority of people with a high school diploma have had only one.  What is it? (Different home states!  A survey shows that two-thirds of college graduates have lived in at least two different states while not in college, but only 40% of high school graduates have ever lived outside their home state. 7/9- The majority of people say they have been yelled at while on vacation (by a significant other) for doing this.  What is it?  (Working) 7/8-On average, Americans are expected to consume over 20 pounds of this in 2013.  100 years ago, we only consumed about 2 pounds each.   What is it? (Ice cream) 6/28- Americans are expected to consume 80 billion of these this year.  What are they? (Eggs) 6/25- In Atlantic County, this job pays an average of $28.04 an hour, 30% higher than the national average.  What’s the job? (Construction worker) 6/24-40% of American men couldn’t tell you THIS about their significant other.  What is it? (Shoe size) 6/21-Over half  the women surveyed said they are more attracted to a guy doing this in his Facebook profile picture.  What is he doing? ( Holding or playing a musical instrument) 6/20-We have 11,000 Starbucks in America and 14,000 McDonald’s, but you might be surprised to find there are 17,000 of these.  What are they?  (Libraries) 6/19- According to a survey of parents, what’s fourth on the list of the top five things babieslove to throw?( The top five…1-toys, 2- food, 3-bottle, 5- pacifier, and number 4 is…a tantrum!) 6/18-More than 50% of the people in the world have one of these right now.  What is it? (An untreated cavity) 6/17- According to a survey, what was the most popular gadget dad wanted for Father’s Day yesterday?   (A power-washer) 6/14-This illegal act was committed over 500,000 times last year, usually by people from out-of-town.  What’s the act? (Stealing hotel towels) 6/13-It’s an iconic American symbol, but only 3 out of 10 of us have actually seen it.  What is it?  (The Hollywood sign) 6/11-6/12-There are 320 of these people in Atlantic County, NJ.  What makes them special?  What do they have in common? (Chefs or head cooks) 6/7-6/10- A new survey found the majority of American women think love is less important than this.  What ?  (A healthy diet…eating well!) 6/6-According to a survey, on average, only one in five of your friends would do this for you.  What is it? (Bail you out of jail) 6/5- 35% of couples who have gotten married since 2005 have this in common.  What is it? (They met on the internet) 6/4- 7 out of 10 administrative assistants have done this in the past year.  What is it? (Gained weight!) 6/3- The average American woman has 11 of these.  What are they?  (Pounds she wants to lose) 5/31- More than one-third of McDonald’s profits coma from this item.  What is it?  (The happy meal) 5/30-  The average American uses 18 of these.  What are they? (TV channels) 5/28- Although they could save you money, the amount of people using these dropped by 14% in 2012.  What are they?  (Coupons) 5/23-5/24-Anyone can use one of these, but 70% of them are purchased by women.  What are they? (Ringtones) 5/22-Nationally, the highest paid State employee usually has this job.  What is it? (The state college’s football or basketball coach) 5/20-5/21- According to a survey, where is relationship cheater’s favorite place for a secret date? (This is a specific business) (Morton’s Steak House) 5/17-Experts say this common, household item is quickly becoming obsolete.  What’s the item? (Your dining room table) 5/16- The manufacturers of these claim they work properly 99.9% of the time.  What are they? (Parachutes!) 5/14-5/15-According to Cosmopolitan Magazine, on average, it takes women 40% longer than men to do this.  What is it? (Ordering from a menu) 5/13-One in five single men have not done this in over a year.  What is it? (Cooked a meal) 5/9-5/10- What’s the second most patronized retail business in America, that’s not a fast food place? (Wal-Mart is #1) ((Walgreens) 5/7-5/8- In 1913, only one in five American homes had one of these.  Today, almost everyone has one. What is it? (A bathtub) 5/6-   If you are an adult, you have about a one in ten percent chance of this happening to you in 2013.  What is it? (Being pulled over by police) 5/2-5/3-On average, women spend about two months of their lives doing this; men spend a year of their lives doing it.  What is it? (Watching the opposite sex) 5/1-: One out of four people in a relationship  said if they could one thing about their mate, it would be this.  What is it? (Their laugh) 4/29-4/30- Most people consider this essential, but 12 % of people don’t have one in their home.  What is it? (An alarm clock) 4/24-4/25-4/26- What’s the most popular household item on eBay?   (Finally, in our third day, the answer was… a foot massager!) 4/22-4/23-In 1982, 20% of men said they didn’t like this.  In 2013, more than 50% of men say they don’t care for it.  What is it? (Their body!) 4/19- It’s estimated that almost one million Americans had this for breakfast this morning.  What is it? (A cigarette) 4/18- If you count it all up, women spend about two months of their lives doing this. What is it? (Shaving her legs) 4/17-This happens over six times an hour on the average soap opera. What is it? (Someone lies) 4/15-4/16-According to a survey, 3 out of the 4 happiest couples consider THIS an important part of their success together.  What is it? (Back rubs) 4/12- Americans spent $1.5 billion on these in the past year. They have become an important part of the morning for many people.  What are they? (Single-serve coffee pods and makers) 4/10- During a 4-year study, 43% of all patients who saw a doctor, went for this condition. It was the highest percentage for any medical condition.  What was it? (Skin disorders) 4/9-Three million more Americans had one of these in 2007 than have one today.  What is it? ( TV’s!  A growing number of Americans have stopped paying for cable or satellite and don’t even use an antenna to get free TV.  These people are mostly watching movies and shows on the internet.  There are 5 million of these households, up from 2 million in 2007.) 4/8- According to the Wall Street Journal, the price of this popular food item has gone up by 46% in the last year.  What’s the food? (Buffalo wings) 4/4- It’s estimated that across America, 30 maintenance workers will die this year in accidents involving these.  What are they? (Elevators) 4/2-4/3- The average to do THIS is 38 years old.  What is it?  (File for bankruptcy) 4/1- You might find it hard to believe, but the average American eats about 24 pounds of this each year.  What is it? (artificial sweeteners) 3/29- What was the original inspiration for the design of the Easter basket?  What is it modeled after? (A bird’s nest) 3/28- According to a women’s magazine, almost half of all American women wish their partner did THIS more often.  What is it? (Brushed their teeth) 3/26-3/27- It’s estimated that this was the reason for four out of ten firings in the workplace in 2012.  What is it? (Cursing) 3/25- When they first went on sale, they cost .37 cents.  What are they?  The Whopper) 3/21-3/22- According to some health experts, the vast majority of us don’t wash this properly or often enough.  What is it? ( Your pillow!) 3/20-You’ll find 48 of these in Galloway Township, NJ.  What are they? (Police officers) 3/19- When women were asked why they broke up with their last boyfriend, over one-third of them said these two words.  What are they? (He’s boring!) 3/15-3/18-When they were asked why they broke up with their last girlfriend, 40% of men said these exact three words. What are they?  (Too much baggage) 3/13- 3/14-One in every seven adults has made this costly mistake at least once?  What is it? (One in seven adults has…spent at least one night in jail!) 3/12- Men do this over six times a week on average, more than twice as often as women.  What is it? (Shake hands) 3/11- Six out of ten couples have argued about this in the kitchen.  The answer is related to the kitchen.  What is it? (Whether or not to rinse the dishes before loading them in the dishwasher) 3/6- A study found that retail shoppers often spend up to one-third more when they smell this aroma.  What is it? (Oranges) 3/4-3/5- Research shows 87% of these have an unhealthy amount of germs on them.  What is it? (Office coffee mugs! Many people said coffee mugs, but no one mentioned the workplace, which is where these germ-ridden mugs are) 3/1- People with desk jobs do this twice as often as manual laborers. What is it? (Go to the bathroom) 2/27-2/28-Three out of four couples in this situation have their marriages end in divorce.  What’s the specific situation? (One partner smokes, the other does not) 2/26- More than 25% of Americans admit they’ve dong this at least once after 11p.m.  What is it? (Bought something from late night TV) 2/25- According to one list of best company slogans, Nike’s “Just Do It” was named #1.  What slogan was second on the list? (Got Milk?) 2/22-:When people view clouds, what is the second most identified image they see in those clouds? (#1 faces, #2 angels) 2/21- 41% of women say they break it off with a guy if they don’t like this.  What is it? (His taste in music) 2/19-2/20- About half the men agree that a woman looks hot when she’s wearing this.  What?  (A baseball cap) 2/14- 2/15-It’s estimated that 13% of men will buy their Valentine’s Day gift here this year.  Where is it? (The liquor store) 2/13- Numerous studies show that continuing to do this after age 40 raises your risk for premature death.  What is this dangerous life choice? (Remaining single) 2/12- Aside from being public figures, what do Pink, Paul Ryan and Jay Leno have in common? (Their first job was at McDonald’s) 2/11- People in Mississippi have fewer of these than people in any other state.  What is it?  (Passports) 2/7-2/8- Only about 1 in 3 women say they pay particular attention to this on a first date.  What is it?  (The date’s table manners) 2/6-According to a study, people who consider themselves big fans of reality TV shows are much more likely to do this in their own lives.  What is it? (Tan) 2/5- 8 out of 10 gifts given this past Christmas in America had this in common.  What is it? (They were made in China) 1/31- More than 65 new varieties of this product are released each year.  What’s the product?  (Tooth paste) 1/30- 15% of people did this 30 years ago, but today, 85% of us do it.  What is it? (Use seatbelts) 1/29- American travelers spent an estimated $6 billion on this in 2012.  What is it? (Airline fees) 1/25- 1/28- According to a study, where is the number one place arguments happen in America? (Parking lots) 1/24-Three quarters of us prefer this homemade, not professionally made.  What is it? (Pie) 1/23- About 20% of workers say this problem in the workplace makes them less productive.  What is the problem?  (It’s too cold!) 1/22- According to a recent survey, where is the #1 place people lose their cell phones?  (The grocery store) 1/21- 4 out of 10 bank tellers say this has happened to them in the past year.  What is it? (Someone has asked them out) 1/18- What is it that 1.4 million fewer Americans did in December than November?  (Used Facebook) 1/17-Americans spend over $39 billion a year on this.  Nice people spend the most.  What is it?  (Tipping) 1/15-1/16-Almost one-third of American homeowners live in a home without one of these.  What is it? (A mortgage) 1/14- You’ll spend over 1400 in your lifetime looking at this.  What is it?  (The inside of your refrigerator) 1/10-Style experts say this tried and true choice is one of the hottest women’s fashion trends for 2013.  What’s the fashion? (A one-piece bathing suit!) 1/8-1/9- Americans will throw away over 28,000 of these today.  What is it? ( (Televisions) 1/4-1/7- 19% of people gave this example of a time they don’t like to cook.  What is it? (When they are by themselves) 1/2- It’s estimated this will cost the average American family almost $2300 in 2013.  What is it? (Throwing out food!) 12/14-12/18- Sales of this item will increase by 65% between now and the end of the year. What is it?  (Lingerie) 12/12-12/13-The average American family spent 91 hours in 2012 doing this. What?  (Arguing) 12/11- Americans use 3 times as much of this than people in any other country.  What is it?  (Toilet paper) 12/10-Women from this profession are most likely to try internet dating.  What profession?  (Teachers) 12/7-The average American buys 13 of these each year.  What is it?  (Bottles of wine) 12/6- According to a survey, politician and used car salesman are considered the least trusted and ethical professions.  What is the most trusted and ethical profession?  (Nurse) 12/4-12/5- What are the top three things women notice about other women? (Clothes., hair, skin/complexion) 12/3-  It’s estimated that this is the edible thing served in restaurants containing the most germs.  What is it? (The lemon wedges served with your drink!) 11/30-  It’s estimated that the amount of people participating in this holiday tradition has dropped by 41% over the past ten years.  What’s the tradition? (Sitting on Santa’s lap!) 11/29- Sales to women played a big part in making Black Friday a record-breaking day for this item.  What’s the item? (Handguns) 11/28- A quarter of  American households bought a fresh one of these last week.  What is it? (A pie) 11/26-11/27- About one third of Americans say they did this before eating Thanksgiving dinner.  What is it? (Took a picture of the dinner) 11/21- Approximately one in five Americans will engage is this outdoor activity this holiday weekend.  What is it? (Raking leaves) 11/19-11/20- It’s estimated that 13% of Americans will have this on the table for their Thanksgiving meal.  What is it? (The bill at the restaurant) 11/15-Almost 20% of Americans did this immediately after divorcing.  What is it? (Move back in with parents) 11/13-11/14- One-quarter of today’s 18-year-olds have never done this common thing related to their money.  What is it? (Written a check) 11/12- In a survey, women listed this as their worst fashion purchase ever.  What is it? (leather pants) 11/9-One-third of married couples say, if they could do it again, they would change this about their wedding.  What is it? (Their first dance) 11/7-11/8- Women were asked to describe their husband in one word.  The #1 answer was…”messy”.  17% of women had a different answer.  What word did they use? (Thoughtful) 11//6-:Men commit this driving infraction three times as much as women.  What is it? (Not using their seat belts) 11/5- More than 300,000 of these will be stolen in America this year, with a value of more than $80 million.  What is it? (Bicycles) 10/26-The average American child eats 62 pounds of this each year.  What is it? (Pasta) 10/24-10/25- The majority of women say when men reach their thirties, they should stop wearing this.  What is it? (Their old class ring) 10/23- One third of the people in this profession develop problems with their feet.  What’s the job? (Hair stylist) 10/19-10/22- One (rather scary) driving statistic says 30% of the people around you on the highway are NOT doing this.  What is it? (Speeding) 10/17-10/18- According to a survey, what are the top three conveniences around the home people say they couldn’t live without?  You must get all three to win.(microwave, dishwasher, and TV remote) 10/15-10/16- According to research, which household appliance lasts the longest? (Electric hand mixer) 10/12- The majority of Americans say they are more stressed out by this (buying) decision than by the upcoming elections.  What’s the decision? (What to wear for a Halloween costume) 10/9-10/10- According to a recent survey, what is the #1 thing kids do not like to hear their parents say? (Money doesn’t grow on trees) 10/8- The average American home has 5 pounds worth of this in storage.  What is it? (Loose change) 10/4- When it comes to on-line dating, men and women lie the most about different things.  Tell me the top lie by gender to win. (Women…weight and men …their job) 10/3-  6 out of 10 people who enjoy doing this in their free time say they will be watching tonight’s debate.  What do they enjoy doing?  (Drinking beer!) 10/1-10/2-  Two thirds of the time, we don’t finish this.  What is it? (Purchases in on-line shopping carts) 9/28-  When asked what their biggest complaint was about their roommate, 40% of people said this.  What is it? (They wear their clothes) 9/26-9/27-3 out of 4 women surveyed say they wish their husbands would do this more often.  What is it? (Hold hands) 9/25-: It’s estimated that in the last year, 4 out of 10 American adults have gone as long as a week without using this.  What is it?  (Cash!) 9/24-In a survey, women said this is the sexiest talent a man can have.  What’s that talent? (Play the piano) 9/20- In a survey, lottery players were asked what they would do if they ever won a big jackpot.  Their number one answer was start their own business.  What was the number two response? (Get a divorce) 9/19-In a survey, pet owners were asked , “if you could ask your pet one question, what would it be?” What was the #1 question? (Do you like your food?) 9/17-9/18-A majority of women say they would rather not have to do this at work.( The answer is not a work responsibility, but an occasional activity that comes up at almost every workplace) What is it? (Work staff photos) 9/14- In a recent survey, one third of American workers said this is the most annoying sound in the workplace.  What is it? (Sniffling with a runny nose) 9/13- Each year, 2800 of these are left on New York City subway trains.  What are they? (Shoes) 9/11-9/12- 53% of American families have two of these in their homes.  What are they? (Refrigerators) 9/10- What is about half the size but four times as expensive as it was 25 years ago? (Bikinis) 9/7- : Almost half of all parents said this is what they dislike most about back-to-school time.  What is it? (Fundraising) 9/6-In a poll, people were asked about their favorite ways to spend their free time.  Their number one response was going for a walk.  Number two was reading.  What was their third favorite way to enjoy free time? (Eating out in a restaurant) 9/5-220,000 Americans had this elective surgery in 2011.  What is it? (Bariatric stomach reducing surgery) 9/4- With the elections coming in November, one in five registered voters in New Jersey has one of these.  What is it?  ( A tattoo) 8/24-The number one turnoff for men about women is tattoos.  The number one turnoff  for women about men is beards.  The number two turnoff is the same for both genders.  What is it? (Bad breath)   8/23-Surprisingly, women consume just 26% of this well-known product.  What is it? (Potato chips) 8/22-Over 100,000 kids were treated in American emergency rooms last year for injuries they received from one of these.  What is it? (Swing sets) 8/21- More than one-third of us are guilty of doing this at least once a week.  What is it? (Running a red light 8/20-Nevada is one of eight states where you can’t do this.  What is it? (Play the lottery) 8/15- What came in at number three on college students’ list of the most important back-to-school items? (A flat screen TV) 8/14- What is the number one cause of arguments when a man and woman are on vacation together? (The man checking out other women) 8/13- The best seat in the house for the Olympics closing ceremonies cost about $1800!  However, down at the Olympic gift shop, the most popular souvenir only cost $2.30 in American money.  What was it? (Olympic medals made of chocolate) 8/9- The man pays for this 85% of the time; the woman 15% of the time.  What is it? (Child support) 8/8- If you’re in a new relationship, experts say not to even think about doing this in the first six months together.  What is it? (Go on vacation together) 8/6-8/7- Usually found in the kitchen, the average American throws away 18 of these each year.  What are they? (The heel of a loaf of bread) 8/3- In a survey, women were asked why they broke up with their last boyfriend.  20% of them used these two words to explain.  What are they?  (no chemistry!) 8/2-Over half of American employers surveyed said that if you do this at work, it makes you seem less intelligent.  What is it? (Curse) 8/1-The Olympic kitchen expects to go through 25 thousand of these during the 2 1/2 weeks of the 2012 Games.  What are they? (Loaves of bread) 7/30-7/31- It says something about America that this item is outselling the iPod.  I gave the hint that this item is popular with baby boomers.  What’s the item? (Hearing aids!) 7/27- For the first time in history, there are more American women than men doing this.  What is it? (Competing on the U.S. Olympic Team) 7/26- Almost half the people surveyed recently admitted to talking to this inanimate object.  What is it?  (An ATM) 7/13-Bodybuilders in training say this is the food they miss eating the most.  What is it? (French fries) 7/11-7/12-4 million of these were in use in America in the year 2000,but today we’re using 11 million of them.  What is it? (ATV’s or quads) 7/9-7/10-What food causes people to choke more than any other? (Peanut butter) 7/6- According to a survey, the most recognizable smell for children is flowers.  What came in second on the list? (Pizza!) 7/5- 38% of Americans use this regularly, down from 100% 25 years ago.  What is it? (The postal service) 7/2- The number of people who have this in common has tripled over the past 100 years.  Researchers say it may have something to do with older women having babies.  What is it?( No one got the correct answer today!  Give me your best guess Tuesday morning at 7:20a.m. 6/28-Americans spent almost $5 billion on this in the past month.  It will be the most spent on it this year.  What is it?  (Graduation gifts) 6/27- Some people do it at their home on a regular basis, but 6 out of 10 homeowners never do this.  What is it? (Water their lawns) 6/26- :The 1995 movie “Bad Boys” was the most aired movie on basic cable in 2011.  What movie came in second? (Titanic) 6/25-In the 1970′s, most people learned to do this, but today only about 20% of people do.  What is it? (Drive a stick shift vehicle) 6/22-According to a recent survey, What item is #1 on most people’s bucket list, beating out our most popular guess ..skydiving? (Driving a race car) 6/21- It’s estimated that American men will spend over $90 million on this product this year.  What is it? (Hair dye) 6/20-There are approximately 130,000 fewer of these (people) in America than a year ago.  Who are they? (millionaires) 6/15-6/19- McDonald’s Restaurants added this for the first time in 1968.  What is it? (Female employees) 6/13-6/14-This business has seen a 30% increase in customers in the last year, and experts say it’s due to the slow job market.  What’s the business?  (Tattoo removal by people trying to increase their chances of getting a job) 6/12- Experts say they’re not good for us, but Americans will consume 70 million pounds of these this year.  What are they? (Tater tots) 6/11-According to one survey, what does Dad want second most for Father’s Day this year? (A home-cooked meal!) 6/8-If you are average, you have 41 of these.  What are they? (apps for your smartphone) 6/7-According to a recent survey, what is the third biggest “bathroom pet peeve”? I also didn’t tell you the number one or two peeves on the list. (The third biggest bathroom pet peeve is leaving globs of toothpaste in the sink.  By the way, #1 is empty toilet paper rolls and #2 is leaving the seat up. 6/5-6/6-One in three American teenagers will do this this month.  What is it? (Use an indoor tanning bed) 6/1-6/4-Sam’s Club sells more of this product than any other retailer.  What is it? (Wine) 5/31- One quarter of office workers say this is their biggest pet peeve at work.  What is it? (Lack of privacy) 5/30-You are supposed to learn this as a child, but two out of three adults don’t do it.  What is it?(Look both ways before crossing the street) 5/29-66% of adults say they use one of these, even though they initially designed for kids.  What is it? (A piggy-bank) 5/24-5/25-The more money you make, the less likely it is you’ve done this in the last year.  What is it?(Gone bowling) 5/23-According to a survey, the number 0ne place people hide money is in the freezer.    What’s #2?  (In a sock) 5/22-It was once commonplace, but thanks to technology, you don’t hear this much anymore.  What is it? (A busy signal) 5/21- The average American household buys more than 6 jars of this each year.  What is it? (Pickles) 5/18-In a fitness magazine survey, pregnant women said ice cream was their most craved food.  What was second?  (Fruit) 5/17-The average homeowners insurance claim for this is now over $20,000.  What is it? (A dog bite) 5/16- Twice as many women do this today for money as did it a decade ago.  What is it? (Rob banks!) 5/14-5/15- 18% of women say they can’t live without their hairdryer.  16% of women say they can’t live without this.  What is it? (Their kids!) 5/10-It’s considered a man’s job, but one-quarter of the time, a woman does it.  What’s the job?((Cuts the lawn) 5/9- According to a study, if you really want to impress your boss, this is the thing to do.  What is it?(Saying “thank you”) 5/8-In her lifetime, the average American woman will spend well over $5000 on this.  What is it?(Bras) 5/7-The cost of one of these this summer is expected to average about $6.60.  What is it?(A beer at a major league baseball game) 5/4-Summer vacation season is coming!  What do couples argue most about when traveling by car on vacation?  (When to stop for bathroom breaks)   5/3-Two different studies have found that left-handed people do this more quickly the right-hand people.  What is it?  (Lose their tempers) 4-30/5-1/5-2- Researchers have found that this smell actually makes people happier.  What is it?  (Baked potatoes!) 4/27-Experts say, for better health, you should do this in your home once a week. But most people only do it once every three weeks.  What is it?  (Change the bed sheets) 4/26- About one in three people admit they have embarrassed themselves ….here.  Where were they?(At a wedding reception) 4/25- According to a study, in the 1950′s,  Americans did this for an average of 18 minutes a day.  Today, they estimate we do it for 5 minutes a day.  What is it? (Laughing…how sad!) 4/24-People who own one of these replace them every 2 1/2 years on average,  because they get lost, stolen or broken.  What is it?  (An umbrella) 4/23-Experts predict that because of the expanding use of cell phones, ten years from now, most people will never use this.  What is it? (Cash!) 4/19- The average age of people who do this is 21 years old.  A decade ago it was 18.  What is it?(No answer!  Win 2 pair of Nickelback concert tix with the right answer Friday @ 7:20am) 4/18- What’s the only dry town in Atlantic County?  (Port Republic) 4/16- 4/17-According to one magazine, this kind of restaurant has the worst food.  What is it? (The kind of restaurant that hires beautiful women as their theme, because guys will come to the restaurant regardless of the food quality.  See the article in The Atlantic for more thoughts on good and bad restaurants.) 4/12- 4/13-The average price for this “must-have” item is over $1100, up $22 from last year. (Hint…This item means more to women than men.)  What is it?  (A wedding dress) 4/10-4/11-  About one third of hotel guests say they never use this during their stay at the hotel.  What is it? (The bathroom phone) 4/9- A study suggests that if you have one of these, you could live 8 to 10 years longer than other people.  What is it? ( A sense of humor) 4/5-Experts say, if you have a child between two and five years old, there a 40% chance they already know this about your family.  What is it?…(you home address) 4/4- Guys think it’s cool, but 6 out of 10 women say it’s a major turnoff when a man does this.  What is it?  (Winks at them) 4/3- In a survey, 13% of people said they think its okay to break this rule.  What’s the rule? (Pay your taxes) 4/2- According to research, where is the most likely place to have a fender bender?  (The post office) 3/30- It’s estimated that in the average office workplace, 50% of this is wasted.  What is it? (Time spent in meetings) 3/29-Last year, almost 11,000 people lost their cell phone here.  Where is it?  (The grocery store) 3/28-A majority of women polled said they would rather have one of these than a big, brand new diamond ring.  What is it? ( a walk-in closet) 3/26-3/27- We buy enough of this each year in America to wrap it around the Earth more than five times.  What is it? (Weed wacker line) 3/22-3/23- According to a parenting magazine, “Mommy” and “Daddy” are typically baby’s first two words spoken.  What’s baby’s third word?  (More!) 3/20-3/21- As of 2011, more women than men now do this.  What is it?  (Get tattoos) 3/19- According to a recent survey, what’s the #1 thing Americans said they were afraid of as kids that they are still afraid of as adults?  (Balloons) 3/16-In a 2011 survey, this article of clothing was picked as the clothing item women should never wear.  What is it?  (Overalls) 3/15- 10% of people on their way to work this morning don’t own one of these and say they are unnecessary.  What is it?  (An alarm clock) 3/14- Over 25%of married people admit they don’t know this about their spouse.  What is it? (How much money they make)   3/13-Harvard University has produced eight American Presidents, but only four people who went on to work at this popular profession.  What is it?  (NBA player) 3/12- According to restaurant food delivery guys, what type of business are the worst tippers?  (Hair salons) 3/2-3/5- Only about 10% of us got a new one of these in 2011.  Many of us have had the same one for years.  What is it?  (A new bank account)   2/27-2/28- Parents are paying over 15% less for one of these children’s items than they did a year ago.  What is it?  (A lost tooth for the Tooth Fairy)   2/22-23- This year, Americans will throw away about 8 million tons of this  What is it?  (Clothing) 2/16- More of these are sold in March than any other month of the year.  What are they?  (Home pregnancy tests) 2/15- Women’s biggest complaint about shopping is poor service.  What bothers men most about shopping?  (Parking) 2/13-2/14- New Jersey has more of these per square mile than any other State.  What are they?  (Shopping malls) 2/10- New Jersey is America’s Number one exporter of what product? (College students going out of state to school!) 2/9- According to a survey, this is what the majority of women ages 30 to 50 want this Valentine’s Day.  What it it? (A day off from housework) 2/8- What’s the most recycled product in America?  (Car batteries…although asphalt is a close second) 2/6-2/7- Some reports say this was the fastest growing career in America in 2011.  What’s the job? (Hair stylist) 2/3- 25% more of this healthy snack food will be eaten this Super Bowl Sunday than on other Sundays.  It’s a very trendy snack lately.  What is it?  (Carrots!)   2/1- 2/2- Sales of this product are expected to triple this week.  What’s the product?  (Recliners) 1/31- The average American encounters over 270 of these a day.  What?  (Commercials) 1/30- 40% of American women do this at least once a week.  What is it?  (Cry) 1/25-26-27- Although men use them too, women purchase 68% of these.  (Hint…you don’t have to buy them, but people do anyway)(Hint #2- No one bought them 20 years ago)(hint#3-They allow you to express your personality)  What is it?  (Finally, an answer!  Ringtones!) 1/24-  20% of the money married people spend without telling their spouse is spent on this.  What?  (Lottery tickets) 1/20- Sales of the product for kids under 12 have grown by 11% over past 5 years.  (Hint..It’s for their heads)  What is it?  (Head lice shampoo) 1/18- According to statistics, the amount of people doing this has dropped by over 20% in the past two years.  What is it?  (Watching TV) 1/17- Women listed ice cream as their #1 “comfort food”,  followed by Mmac & cheese.  What was the #3 comfort food?  (Brownies) 1/16- According to statistics, men still do consistently better than women at this.  What is it?  (Their driver’s test) 1/13- What doe a survey say has been the best invention for cars over the last 25 years?   (The key-less remote) 1/11-1/12- It’s estimated that this is cause of over 150 family arguments or disagreements in the average household each year.  What is it?  (The family dog)   1/10-Who are the only two movie stars who have had 15 movies each that grossed more than $100 million?  (Tom Cruise & Tom Hanks) 1/9- According to a recent survey, what is the most annoying electronic device?  (The car alarm) 1/6- It’s estimated that almost 9000 people dining in restaurants this year will be injured by one of these.  What? (Toothpicks) 1/4- What are America’s two largest employers, in the order of their size?   (Wal-Mart and the U.S. Postal Service) 1/3- If you’re a guy, there’s a 1 in9 chance this happened to you in in 2011.  If you  are a woman, there chances are 1 in 14.  What is it? (Pulled over by the cops) 12/21- One study says your chances of getting a cold this holiday season are 20% higher if you do this.  What? (Travel on a crowded plane) 12/20- Sales of two popular games for kids are down almost 10% this year.  Name either of them?  (Operation and Monopoly) 12/16-12/17- There’s expected to be an 80% increase in this during the holidays.  What is it?  (Shoplifting) 12/12-12/13-According to a recent survey, what’s the secret to excellent pizza?   (The grease) 12/6- Over 125,000 of these were sold on Black Friday in America.  What?  (No correct answer this morning.  Try Wednesday @ 7:20am for Hall&Oates concert tix!) 12/2-12/5- Over 80% of adults will buy this before the end of the year.  What?  (Scotch tape) 11/30- 12/1-Children up to age 11 did this 19% less in November than in November 2010. What?  (Watching the Nickelodeon TV Network, which is in a major ratings slump this year) 11/29- Four out of every ten of these are sold in November or December. What’s the product?  (Cook books) 11/22-11/23- The sales of this product have dropped over 40% since this time last year.  What?  (Penn State gear) 11/21- In 1985, most people said they had three of these.  In 2011, it’s down to two.  What is it?  (Close friends) 11/18-The average woman does this about 6 times a day; that’s about twice as much as the average man. What?  (Apologizes) 11/17- 6 out of 10 men over age 50 have never used one of thse.  What? (A shoehorn) 11/16- Only one trimming from the classic Thanksgiving dinner costs less  than it did last year.  What?  (The relish tray, aka…celery & carrots were 77 cents, now 76 cents!) 11/15-It takes the average American almost 10 minutes to do this.  What?  (Run a mile) 11/11- What is the most common mammal in the U.S.?  (Mice) 11/9-11/10- The majority of Americans who do not exercise give this as the reason.  What is it?  (They have an injury) 11/8- In 3/4 of divorce cases, the woman gets this.  What is it?  ( The pets) 11/7-The average person does this 162 times a year while driving.  What is it?  (Honks their horn) 11/4- When women were asked in a survey to name their favorite thing in life, about half of them said this.  What?  (Sleep) 11/3- 43% of American women now have  at least one of these; the highest number ever.  What?  (A gun!) 11/2-20% of America women have declined a party invitation because of this.  What?  (A bad hair day) 11/1- More people are killed each year by participating in this sport than any other.  What’s the sport? (Fishing!) 10/31- According to a survey, this old time favorite is supposed to be the year’s trendiest Halloween treat.  What is it? (Popcorn balls) 10/28- According a recent survey, this was just voted the scariest movie of all time.  What?  (Nightmare on Elm Street) 10/27- Topping the list of this year’s most popular pet costumes for Halloween is a pumpkin, a devil, a hot dog and what costume at #4?  (A bumble bee) 10/26- A survey of small business owners determined this is the best way to be the Boss’s favorite at work.  What? (Have a good sense of humor) 10/25- Approximately 1400 people will be treated in emergency wards this year after getting hurt playing this game.  What game?  (Ping pong) 10/24- According to Reader’s Digest, you’ll spend 12 minutes more doing this today (Monday) than any other day of the week.  What?  (Complaining) 10/21 This was a common part of your life only 20 years ago, but now the word is being removed from many dictionaries.  What is it?  (Cassette) 10/18-10/19-  Only one in five people going to work today has one of these.  What is it?  (A business card) 10/13-10/14- 8 out of 10 married people don’t trust their spouse to do this.  What?  (They don’t trust their spouse to wake them up in the morning.) 10/11-10/12- 1 in 12 women say they turned down a date request because they didn’t like this about the guy.  What?  (They don’t like his eyeglasses) 10/7- It costs about $170 a year in electricity to power your plasma TV, but only about $3 bucks a year to power this.  What?  (Your radio!) 10/6- What’s the early favorite for this year’s most popular Halloween costume?  (Charlie Sheen) 10/4-10/5- A new study finds that books are the most borrowed items in America, followed by jumper cables.  What’s next?  (Scizzors) 10/3- 1 in 5 Married women say this is the #1 thing they would change in their lives.  What?  (Their engagement or wedding ring) 9/30- In a new survey people saud this is the most annoying personal bad habit.  What ?  (Cracking knuckles) 9/28-9/29- If you’re average, you can expect to lose two of these during your lifetime.  What?  (Inches of height) 9/27- When asked to describe the perfect vacation, 54% of people said “no kids”, but 34% said this would make it perfect.  What?  (No electronic devices) 9/26- 7 out of 10 people don’t know this about themselves.  What is it?  (Their cholesterol levels) 9/22-9/23- 17% of women say this is part of their morning ritual.  What is it?  (Ironing) 9/20-9/21- In a study on fear, what was the only catagory where more men admitted being afraid than women?  (Going to the dentisit) 9/19- It costs about $1.3 billion a year in electricity to operate all of these found in buildings in America.  What is it?  (Exit signs) 9/15-9/16- Over the past year, the amount of money parents gave their kids for this has droped by 13%.  What is it?  (Losing a tooth!..even the toothfairy has fallen on hard times!) 9/14- A study says women born under the signs of Libra and Taurus are more likely to do this than other women.  What is it?  (Have plastic surgery) 9/13- What is the most common food particle that gets stuck in people’s teeth?  (Poppy seeds) 9/12- People on a diet say the hardest thing to give up is cheese.  What’s second on the list?  (Chips) 9/9- Which South Jersey town has the most unmarried women?  (Somer’s Point with 1186, according to the census) 9/8- What’s the number one fake name people have used over the last ten years when calling in a pizza.  Who is the famous person?  (Paris Hilton!) 9/6-9/7- About one in five parents make sure their child has done this before the first day of school.  What is it?  (Get a manicure/pedicure) 8/24- 10% of married couples considered having their weeding here.  Where?  (No correct answer today.  Try Thursday @ 7:20am for a bonus prize) 8/22-8/23- When women were asked what they thought was romantic, their #1 answer was “a candlelight dinner”.  What was second on the romantic list?  (A picnic) 8/16-8/17- 7 out of 10 women say any guy who calls himself a real man better be able to do this.  What is it?  (Parallel park) 8/15- 43% of parents say they have their best bonding moments with the kids when this happens.  What is it?  (Back-to-school shoping) 8/10- Other than walking, many antropologists believe this was early man’s first mode of transportation.  What is it?  (Floating on a log) 8/3- Over the course of her lifetime, it’s estimated a woman will spend $10,000 on this.  What is it?  (Shaving supplies) 8/2- The average married man does thsi 4.2 a year and isn’t too happy about it.  What is it?  (Sees a chick flick) 7/29-8/1-  Half of all Americans eat this food in their home an average of once every two weeks.  What’s the food?  (Salad!) 7/28- As many as 3% of pets in America have this in common; in the U.K. it’s three times more common.  What is it?  (A Facebook page) 7/27- Statistics show, of all the people this has happened to since 1995, less than 20% are women.  What is it?  (People struck by lightning!) 7/25-26- What product has sold almost half a trillion since it was introduce 100 years ago?  (Oreos, the best selling cookie of the 20th century) 7/15- You will find this food in 9 out of 10 homes in America.  What is it?  (Ice cream) 7/13-7/14-  People are 40% more likely to buy a product if it has this on the package.  What is it?  (A picture of an animal) 7/12- 3 out of 4 parents have found themselves doing this, msuch to their children’s surprise.  What is it?  (Singing along to their kid’s music) 7/11- July has more of these than any other month.  What are they?  (Birthdays) 7/8- A new survey says this is the surest way to tell a guy does not want to get married.  What is it? (He drives a flashy car) 7/7- A study says the profession that gets the most headaches is …accountant!  What’s the second biggest headache causing job?  (Librarian) 7/6- Car crashes are the #1 cause of accidental deaths in America.  What’s second?  (Pain killer overdose) 7/5- Women said this is the most appealing skill a man can have.  What?  (The ability to cook) 7/1- If you eat this food over the 4th of July weekend, you’ll pay 28% more than you paid last summer.  What’s the food?  (Lettuce) 6/29- 6/30- Priest ranks as the happiest profession.  According to the study, what is the unhappiest job?  (Gas station attendant) 6/28- According to a new survey, what’ s the most annoying thing at the beach?  (Smoking) 6/23- 60% of travelers say this is the most important consideration when choosing a hotel.  What?  (A free breakfast!) 6/21-6/22- According to one study, those with self-esteem issues tend to do this more than others.  What is it?  (Excessively horn their horns!) 6/20- This product’s sales increased by over 10% this year.  I’m betting you used it this weekend.  What is it? (Sunscreen) 6/17- When asked what family activity they would choose for Father’s Day this year, 46% of dads said this would be nice.  What?  (Yard work) 6/16- 38% of singles say this specific place is one of the best to meet someone.  Where?  (Starbucks) 6/14-6/15- When asked, “what invention can you not get along without?”, what was the #1 answer?  (Razors) 6/13- 15% of dads secrectly want this for Father’s Day.  What?  (A boat) 6/10- A new study finds, in the workplace, women with this in common, earn $22,000 more a year than other women.  What?  (They are “very thin”) 6/8-6/9- 44% of Americans do this every day.  What is it?  (Take vitamins or dietary suppliments) 6/7- New parents will spend an average of 45 hours doing this.  What ? (Choosing the child’s name) 6/6- A decade ago there were 4 of these, but today there are over 300.  What is it?  (Reality shows) 6/3- Men use over 95% of this, but women only use about 60%.  You use it on vacation.  What is it?  (The clothes they packed!) 6/2- 67% of U.S. currency in circulation has this in common.  What is it?  (It’s out of the country) 5/31- 6/1-According to a recent study, doing this every morning increases your risk of divorce by more than one third.What is it?  (Having a long daily commute) 5/23-5/24- It happens most often on Friday afternoon, peaking at 5:10PM.  What is it?  (Road rage!) 5/18-5/19- If you only ate food from here, your diet would include 20 times more fat than normal  Where is it?  (Food from TV cooking shows) 5/17- Studies show, if you suffer from allergies, doing this can boast your bodies’ immune system by up to 40%.  What is it?  (Kissing) 5/16- About $3.2 billion will be spent here in 2011; almost all of it in cash and on the weekend.  Where is it?  (Flea markets) 5/12- 5/13-38 is the average age of someone who does this.  What?  (Filing for bankrupcy) 5/11- The #1 profession of characters in romance novels is doctor.  What’s #2?  (Cowvboy) 5/9-5/10-5% of women and 15% of men love their sports team so much, they have done this to make it part of their life.  What is it?  (Put it in their obituary) 5/5-5/6- It happened 180 times last year in New Jersey, but, only 2 times in South Dakota.  What is it?  (Bank robberies) 5/3-5/4-  You’ll find at least one of these in almost 9 out of 10 homes in America.  What is it?  (After several hints…Curtains!) 5/2- When asked, half  of all adults could not remember this from high school.  What is it?  (Prom song or theme) 4/28-4/29-  Ocean City, NJ. ranks as the #1 South Jersey shore town in this summer-only catagory.  What is it?  (Most sewage generated) 4/27- What is the most asked for item at American restaurants?  (Napkins) 4/26- Cover stories concerning Sandra Bullock sold the most magazines in 2010.  What celebrity’s cover stories sold the second most?  (Dr. Oz) 4/25- There are 2 jobs where 95% of the workforce is female.  One is kindergarten teacher.  What’s the other one? (Dental hygenist) 4/21- 22% of hiring managers said this would make them less likely to hire you. What is it?  (Not sending a thank you card) 4/19-20- 600 million of these will end up in American landfills this year.  What?  (Shoes) 4/18- Four times as many women as men get in trouble for this.  What iit is?  (Shoplifting) 4/12-4/13- Americans purchased 720 million of these last year.  What is it?  (Slices of pie!) 4/7-4/8- 38% of people say this has triggered an argument in the car.  What is it?  (The GPS unit) 4/6- According to USA Today, what was 2010′s most popular boat name?  (Liberty) 4/5- Almost 4 out of 10 married women say they regret doing this.  What is it?  (Taking their husband’s name) 4/4- On average, 1700 Americans a year go to the emergency room after injuring an eye with one of these.  What is it?  (A toothbrush!) 4/1- According to a timely article in the Wall St. Journal, 24% less kids do this than a decade ago.  What is it?  (Play baseball) 3/30-3/31- The number of people in New Jersey willing to do this fell by 7.9% last year.  What is it?  (Organ donations) 3/29- What is the second fastest growing cosmetic surgery choice for men?  (#1 facelifts & #2 is…Ears!) 3/28- This activity in American homes has decreaded by over 80% since 1960.  What is it?  (Taking a bath) 3/22-3/23- According to a survey, after breaking up with a guy, women say this their 3rd most popular keepsake of their old boyfriend.  What is it?  (A mix CD/tape!) 3/21- In this game, there are 59 times as many of these as there were in 1970.  What is the game and what’s happening more often?  (Perfect games in bowling) 3/18- Women ages 20 to 50 were surveyed about their biggest guy turnoffs.  #1 was beards, #2 pierced ears. What was #3?  (The combover!) 3/17- Men say their favorite compliment to hear is , “you’re funny”!  What was the top answer for women?  (You have a nice smile!) 3/15- For lent, 11% of participants are giving up this.  What is it?  (Cursing) 3/14- In the final statement of condemned prisoners, “love” is the word most often used, followed by….what?  (Thanks) 3/10-3/11- The average person only uses 70% of this.  What is it?  (your wardrobe) 3/9- According to one employment service, these men are in the #1 occupation women will not date.  What is it?  (Funeral home directors) 3/8- According to experts, at least half of all snake bit victims have this in common?  (They were drunk!) 3/7- Some might find it surprising that 1 out of 5 participants in this hobby is a woman.  What’s the hobby?  (Fantasy sports) 3/3-3/4-  9% of American households have one.  They can get expensive.  What is it?  (A storage unit!) 3/2- There are 523 people living in Egg Harbor Township who do this.  What is it?  (Work from their home) 2/28-3/1- In a recent survey, women said this is the food they craved most while pregnant.  What is it?  (Nachos!) 2/25- In a recent survey, people picked liver as the worst food.  What was second?  (Lima beans) 2/24-According to experts, single women looking for a happy, secure boyfriend should look for a man with this.  What is it? (A sister or sisters) 2/22- 2/23-According to research, “mommy” and “daddy” are the first two words a baby says.  What’s baby’s third word? ( TV) 2/17-2/18- According to the FBI,  almost 3 out of 4 of these are fake. What are they?  (Autographs) 2/15-2/16- In a new survey, we picked freshly baked bread as our favorite smell.  What was in 4th place on the favorite smells list?  (A wood fire) 2/14- According to a new survey, only about 10% of us have ever done this romantic thing.  What is it?    (Handwritten a love note) 2/11- A new study suggests that the more you do this, the easier it is.  What is it?  (Lying!!  No really, that’s the answer.) 2/10-In the average office workplace, this has decreased 12% since 1994.  What is it?  (The size of the cubicle) 2/9- Sarah Palin, Will Ferrell, and Oprah Winfrey all have something in common.  What is it?  (They’ve all run marathons) 2/8- It’s estimated that sales of this were up 20% yesterday.  What is it?  (Antacids) 2/4- Superbowl Sunday is the #1 pizza home delivery day of the year.  What’s #2?  (Halloween) 2/3- On the list of items most likely to be left beind in a hotel room, the top 3 are phones, electronic gadgets, and laptops.  What’s #4?  (Stuffed animals) 2/2- Managers in charge of hiring say this is the #1 mistake you can make when going to a job interview.  What is it?  (Wearing a hat) 1/31-2/1- The town of Somer’s Point has a large supply of these; almost 1200. Hints; they are residents, Somer’s PT. has most in South Jersey?  (Unmarried women..according to the census) 1/28- Asurvey found this to be the most popular thing to do at a nudist colony.  What is it?  (Volleyball)! 1/26-1/27- According to a recent survery, what is the item we are most likely to buy in the wrong size?  (Gloves) 1/24-1/25-  8% of babies born in 2010 had one of these.  What is it?  (E-mail accounts set up by their parents!) 1/20-1/21- According to local experts, this happened yesterday in South jersey for the first time in 2011.  What was it?  (“Surf-able waves!  It’s been almost flat on the ocean since Christmas, until Wednesday) 1/18- 1/19 7 out of 10 Americans say they always do this at the table during meals.  What is it?  (They sit in the same spot). 1/11-1/12- Statistics are in on our holiday shopping in 2010.  1.3% of last minute shoppers actually bought a Christmas present here.  Where?  (A vending machine) 1/4-1/5- Women were asked what skill most impressed them about a man.  What was their #1 answer?  (Conversation skills) 1/3- A study says more attractive people get more of this.  What is it?  (Sleep!) 12/16- When asked what they most regretted buying in 2010, 15% of the people said this.  What is it?  (Shoes!) 12/15- The average person in South Jersey will do this 43 times in December.  What is it?  (Say Merry Christmas) 12/14- According to a study, people who have one of these are better at social networking and are more optimistic than those who don’t have one.  What is it?  (A sister) 12/13- The average shopper will see this more than 5 times during the Christmas shopping season.  What is it?  (A child throwing a tantrum) 12/9-12/10- When asked what they wanted to be when they grew up, 70% of elementary school boys said they would rather be this than the President.  What did they say?  (A bartender! ) 12/8- More than half the people in the world have never done this, but you have been doing it for years.  What is it?  (Making or receiving phone calls) 12/6-12/7- When it comes to physical activity, more people ended up in the emergency room last year because of this than anything else.  What were they doing?  (Yoga) 12/2- According to one study, men can reduce their risk of a stroke by doing this every day.  What ?  (Shaving!) 12/1- Although it happens year round, 18% of the time it happens in December.  What is it?  (Marriage proposals) 11/29- According to the White Pages, there are 103 people in America with this famous name.  What’s the name?  (Harry Potter) 11/24- What human medical condition are turkeys also susceptible to? Heart attacks) 11/23- When it comesto death by falling, the #1 killer last year was falling down stairs.  What was #2?  (Falling out of bed) 11/22- A recent survey asked Americans what was the biggest cause of stress in their lives.  The #1 answer was making the mortgage payment.  What was #2?  (Having family staying with them during the holidays) 11/19-Who’s the only actor  to have a movie open at #1 in 5 different decades?  (Sylvester Stallone) 11/17-11/18- There are 10 of these in Atlantic and Cape May counties.  What are they? (Drawbridges over the intra-coastal waterway) 11/15- 11/16-Despite the recession, this company, which sells an expensive product, says they’re having a record sales year.  What’s the company?  (Mercedes Benz) 11/11-11/12-  Experts say this is the most overrated food .  What is it? (Granola)) 11/10- 25% of women have one of these in their purse, and it cost them nothing.  What is it?  ( A mint from a restaurant) 11/8-11/9- People with this job walk an average of 791 miles a year.  What’s the job?  (Administrative assistant/secretary) 11/4-11/5-  To get the full benefits of this, experts say you should do it for 20 seconds.  What is it?  (Hug!) 11/3- This year, 22,00 kids will be injured in their homes by these.  What are they?  (Bunk beds) 11/2- A Harvard study shows that people who eat this regularly live longer than those who don’t.  What is it?  (Candy!  Their idea of “regularly” is 4 pieces a month!!) 11/1- 49% of us have this done for us, 37% do it ourselves, and 14% of us never do it at all.  What is it?  (Wash our car) 10/28- What medical condition has afflicted more TV characters than any other in TV history?  (Amnesia) 10//26-10/27- One out of every 20 people has suffered this experience on Halloween.  What it it?  (They lost a filling) 10/22-10/25- In a recent survey, 10% of women said the best-looking men are___.  What is it?  (Italian) 10/21- 17% of married men say this happened the night before their wedding.  What is it?  (They had a nightmare) 10/20-77% of people say they have one of these, but it rarely works.  What is it?  (A flashlight) 10/18- A toothbrush tops the list of things kids hate to get for Halloween.  What’s second? (Raisins) 10/14- Men spend 3 X as much money on this as women.  What is it?  (Tipping) 10/13-There are more than 300 of these in Atlantic City.  What are they?  (Rolling chairs on the boardwalk) 10/12- More than 30% of the American population will do this at least once in their lifetime.  What is it?  (Dye their hair) 10/11-  A new study says doing this more will help you lose more while you are dieting.  What is it?  (Sleep) 10/8- 45% of women base their impression of another woman on this.  What is it?  (Her shoes) 10/7- What job has the highest divorce rate in America?  (Dancer/choreographer) 10/6- In 1960, children named this their favorite outdoor game.  In 2010, 80% of the kids say they have never played it.  What is it?  (Hopscotch) 10/5- These have 39 times more germs than a public toilet seat.  What are they?  (Elevator buttons) 10/1- 10/4-Sales records show people that give these as gifts far more than they buy them for themselves.  What? (Blenders) 9/30- A recent survey found nurses & doctors to be the top two coffee-consuming professions.  What  job came in third?  (Hotel/casino workers) 9/28-9/29- According to a survey, one in five women say this the most annoying thing about her husband.  What is it?  (His laugh) 9/27- There are an estimated 3800 of these in New Jersey.  What are they?  (Gas stations) 9/24- This was recently named America’s top superstition.  What is it?  (Walking under ladders is bad luck) 9/22-9/23-In a survey,  women were asked, ” what do you wish your man learned when he still lived with his mother?”  What was the #2 most -popular response?  (Table manners) 9/20-9/21- People do this more on Monday than any other day of the week.  What is it?  (They lose their keys) 917- 12% of single women say this public spot is the best place to place to meet a man. What’s the spot?  (The post office! Really?) 9/15-9/16- Experts say there are jobs available in this field and more are likely thru 2010.  What’s the job?  (Truck driver) 9/14- Three quarters of all these consumed in the course of the day are eaten in the morning.  What are they?  (Raisins) 9/13- Crayons are the most likely things a kid will stick up his nose.  What’s second?  (French fries) 9/10- 91% of regrigerators in American homes have this.  What is it?  (Ketchup) 9/8-9/9- Almost 1400 Americans will have surgery this year to stop doing this.  What is it?  (They want to stop blushing) 9/7- The average cost of one is $149 and more than 100,000 people will get one today.  What is it?  (A speeding ticket) 8/26-8/27-  What’s the second most read section of the Sunday newspaper?  (Coupon inserts) 8/24- 25% of people do this at work to relax;  twice as many women as men. What is it?  (Take off their shoes) 8/20-8/23-Americans lose over $5 million a year by not doing this.  What is it?  (Not redeeming winning lottery tickets) 8/19- According to a magazine, having one of these has become a new status symbol for women in 2010.  What is it? (A stay -at-home husband says Marie Claire) 8/18- The number of people seeking help for this has increased by 60% over the past 10 years.  What is it?  (Snoring) 8/16-8/17-What brand name company enjoys an amazing 60% share of its market?  (Gillette) 8/13- What is the most popular tattoo for women over 50?  (A rose) 8/11-8/12- Even though it puts them at risk, it’s estimated that over half of all Americans ignore the safety warning & still don’t do this.  What is it?  (They don’t wash their produce) 8/10- 21% of people have lost one of these on while on vacation.  What is it?  (A tooth) 8/9- We think of it as something for kids, but 70% of adults can’t make it work.  What is it?  (A yo-yo) 8/6- What is the #1 occupation of women who marry millionaires?  (Teachers) 8/5- According to a poll, women are more likely to do this on vacation than men.  What is it?  (Cheat!) 8/4- On average, parents tell their children to do this 4 times a week.  What is it?  (Tie their shoes) 8/3- A study has found that men who display this trait in job interviews are viewed negatively.  What is the trait?  (Modesty) 7/29- According to a survey, after money and food, what do people want a life-time suply of?  (Cable TV service) 7/28- There are 60 of these in Wildwood, but not all are being used.  What are they?  (Liquor licences) 7/27- 23% of men have a lucky____.  What is it?  (Pair of underwear) 7/23- According to a relationships website, where is the most heartless place for a breakup?  (At a wedding) 7/22- According to a study, the more education you have, the larger this is.  What is it?  (Your signiture) 7/21- This is the 9th most popular term of endearment, used twice as much by guys than girls.  What is it?  (Pumpkin) 7/20- Your household will lose 3.2 of these this year.  What is it?  (Forks) 7/19- 87 million Americans own a piece of clothing with this on it.  What is it?  (An American flag) 7/15- 7/16-Experts say you should do this at least once a year, but I’m betting you don’t.  What is it?  (Change your PIN number) 7/14- In a survey, women listed the top 3 things that can ruin their day as; #1 a fight w/ signifigant other, #2 a bad day at work and #3…What is it?  (When your jeans don’t fit) 7/12-7/13-  Well over 2 billion square feet of space in America is dedicated to this.  What is it?  (Self-storage!) 7/9- According to a survey, almost half of all Americans would like to ban this word.  What is it?  (Whatever) 7/8- New Jersey exports more of these than any other state.  What is it?  (College students!  More N.J. kids go out of state for school than any other state) 7/7- In a survey on job productivity, what did 17% of people blame for their lack of productivity at work?  (The temperature) 7/6- 80 cents out of every dollar spent here is spent by women.  Where is that?  (The drug store) 6/29-6/30- With few good jobs available this summer, there has been an estimated 30% increase in the amount of recent college graduates doing this for work.  What is it?  (Camp counselor) 6/28- About one in every 8-thousand people who visit the emergency ward hurt themselves doing something most adults do almost every day.  What is it?   (Shaving) 6/25- There is a 12% chance you will do this at some point this weekend.  What is it? (Dance) 6/24- A study suggests women with this physical trait make more money than women without it.  What’s the trait? (Blonde hair) 6/22-6/23- In 2009, sales of milk and yogurt drinks declined nearly 15%.  But sales of this drink went up in 2009.  What is this trendy drink?  (Soda sales were up for the first time in 5 years, probably because it’s cheaper than the foo-foo drinks)) 6/21- Neckties are still the most popular Father’s Day gift, but in a recent survey, dads said this is the best Father’s Day gift.  What is it?  (Landscaping services) 6/17-6/18- New Jerseyans have the second most in the sountry.  Mississippians have ther least.  What is it?  (Passports) 6/16- There are 976 of these in Wildwood.  What is it?  (Parking meters) 6/15- The average American eats 42 servings of broccoli each year and 96 servings of this. What is it?  (Ice cream) 6/14-What is the top-rated television show in daytime TV?  (Judge Judy) 6/10- 6/11-A university study found that people who did this in the morning consumed fewer calories for lunch, and did not compensate later in the day.  What did these study subjects do? (Chewing gum) 6/9- On average, you’ll do this 4 times @ day and you’ll do the opposite of this 4 times a day.  What is it?  (Start and stop your car) 6/8- 4 out of 10 office workers said they experienced this after starting a new job.  What did they experience?  (A weight gain!) 6/7- What is the hobby Americans are spending the most money on in 2010?  (Gardening!) 6/4- The lifespan of this household item is about 10 years.  What’s the item?  (A vacuum) 6/3- When asked why they don’t sleep on airplanes, women gave this answer more than any other.  What is it?  (They’re afraid they will drool) 6/2- At the top of a list of popular reasons not to exercise is ..#1-I don’t have the time & #2 -There’s no gym close by.  What’s reason #3?  (I don’t know how to exercise) 6/1- By the time they have graduated from high school, more than 30% of Americans have done this at least once.  What is it?  (Traveled abroad) 5/28- Because of low pay & the training it takes, nationally, there is a shortage of people to fill this job.  What is it? (Lifeguard) 5/27- Almost three- quarters of the homes in America have one and they are used about 5 times a month.  What is it? (A bar-B-Q grill) 5/25- The average woman thinks about this 43 times a day.  What is it?  (Her hair) 5/21- Experts claim this is the person adults lie to the most.  Who is it?  (Your Mom!) 5/19-5/20-  A science magazine says this everyday item will soon be obsolete.  What is the item?  (Your toothbrush! Popular Science says soon we will used advanced mouthwash to clean our teeth ) 5/18- There are approximately 2200 of these in Egg Harbor Township .  What are they?  (Mobile homes ..the most in the State.  Yipee!) 5/17- Over 70,000 of these are stolen out of cars every year.  What are they?  (Air bags) 5/13- 5/14- A survey says doing this at work will raise team spirit and increase bonding among co-workers.  What is it?   (Cursing) 5/11-5/12- Almost 2 million American women can claim this.  What is it?  (They work two jobs) 5/10- Experts claim this item may be responsible for more pollution than anything you own.  What is it?  (gas-powered lawnmower) 5/7- In a recent survey, people were asked why they were looking forward to the weekend. The #1 reason was not having to work.  What was reason #2?  (Eating whatever they want-blowing their diet) 5/3- If you are the average American, you’ll see18.7 different ones in your lifetime.  What is it?  (Doctors) 4/28-4/29- What is the thing people are most concerned a burglar might steal from their home?  (Their passport) 4/264/27-  In a recent poll, almost half of the workers said this is the perk they want the most on the job.  What is it?  (Free soda) 4/22-4/23- Almost 1/3rd of people say they’ve been so frustrated by one of these that they have thrown something.  What is it?  (Tamper- proof or hard plastic packaging) 4/21- More than 10% of Americans have done this for a living at some point in their lives.  What is it?  (Worked at McDonalds) 4/19-4/20- A new study claims that this is the most dangerous food to eat while driving.  What is it?  (Potato chips) 4/13-4/14- A recent survey found that 85% of women would not date a man with this.  What is it?  (Gray hair!  Eddie protests this answer on behalf of men everywhere!) 4/12- More than 75% of Americans under age 18 have never touched one of these.  What is it?  (A postage stamp) 4/7- A group of ad executives claim that the top 3 most memorable advertising characters are the Marboro Man, Ronald McDonald and this character.  Which character?  (The Green Giant) 4/5-4/6- Worldwide, 240 of these are installed every day.  What are they?  (ATM machines) 4/2- When it comes to chocolate Easter bunnies, 76% of people do this.  What is it?  (Bite the ears off first) 3/31- 4/1- Aside from being famous, what do Michael J. Fox, Tiger Woods, Elton John and Heahter Locklear all have in common?  (They are all military brats) 3/29- 3/30-Three out of four men believe men have more natural ability at doing this than women.  What is it?  (Telling a joke) 3/25-3/26– According to Parent  Magazine, almost 50% of moms follow this rule in their home.  What’s the rule?  (The clean your plate at dinner rule) 3/24- Approximately 243 cans of this are consumed in Aerica every minute.  What is it?  (Spam) 3/22-3/23- 20% of married couples believe this is the best way to avoid arguments.  What is it?  (Having separate checking accounts) 3/18-3/19-  ” Taxi”  is #2 on a list of words that are the same in many languages.  What’s the #1 word?  (Amen!) 3/17- Only about 59% of us are eligible to do this. What is it?  (Give blood) 3/16- There are 93 of these in New Jersey, 39% less than three years ago.  What is it?  (Dairy farms) 3/15- After books, what is the second most borrowed item in America?  (Jumper cables) 3/12- 34% of drivers around the world have this in common.  What is it?  (They drive on the left side of the road) 3/11- The increasing popularity of this food has caused prices to skyrocket, up 39% in 2009.  What ‘s the food?  (Chicken wings) 3/10- 43% of women wear this to bed at night .  What is it?  (Make-up) 3/9- What is the third most used language in the U.S.A.? (Sign language) 3/4-3/5- When asked, ” what is the most annoying sound you can think of?”, 10% of people said this.  What is it?  (Sniffling of a runny nose) 3/2-3/3– 68% of people say they are better at this than their friends.  What is it?  (Lying! At least that’s what they say.) 3/1- It’s estimated that 19% of us are wearing this today.  What is it?  (Mismatched socks) 2/25- 2/26- Sales of this expensive item have been dropping yearly since reaching their peak in the year 2000.  What is the item?  (Coffins) 2/24- Only about 40% of us have ever used one of these.  What is it?  (A rotary phone) 2/22-2/23- One out of five people admit to doing this in someone else’s home.  What is it?  (Changing the way the toilet paper hangs) 2/18 & 2/19– 3 out of 4 men don’t know this about their wife.  What is it?  (The name of her perfume) 2/17- What was the #1 recycled product last year?  (Computers) 2/16- Almost 1 in 10 office workers have left a job because of this.  What is it?  (A failed office romance) 2/12- Romance experts say this is the #1 lie men tell their Valentine.. What is it?  (I would never lie to you) 2/11- We spent over $300 million on equipment for this sport in 2008.  What sport?  (Snow boarding) 2/10 Over 9 million people pay extra for this vehicle accessory.  What is it?  (Vanity plates) 2/8-2/9-One out of three men say this is a life-long dream.  What is it?  ( to own a bar) 2/5- What’s the most eaten food on Superbowl Sunday?  (Vegetables! The veggie tray) 2/4- When you buy this, you are paying a 900% markup.  What is it?  (Movie theatre popcorn) 2/2-2/3- A survey of doctors found that the top 3 inanimate objects involved in accidents around the home are bicycles, stairs and this.  What is it?  (Footballs) 2/1- A survey asked kids what they want to do when they grow up.  More than said this sounded like a fun job.  What is it?  (working at Disney World) 1/28-29- 15% of people say this is their favoroite place to hide money.  Whaere is it?  (In shoes) 1/27- A recent study says one in five women has ended a relationship with a  man because of this.  What is it?  (He’s obsessed with video games) 1/25-1/26-A new study of babies found that “mommy” and “daddy” are the first words they learn.  What is number three?  (T.V.) 1/22- 11%of women said they would never want their mothers to see this.  What is it?  (The inside of the fridge!) 1/20-1/21-When it comes to not getting work done in the office, 16% of people blame this.  What is it?  (The temperature) 1/19- When you watch an NFL game on TV, it’s estimated that includes 11 minutes of this during the broadcast.  What is it?  (Actual playing time) 1/15- According to a new survey, 21% of us are guilty of this at least once a week.  What is it?  (Being late for work) 1/14- 10% of people on their way to work today will be part of this money-saving effort.  What is it?  (Carpooling) 1/13- If you are average, you will buy 12 of these in 2010 and spend about $117 on them.  What is it?  (bottles of wine) 1/11- 1/12-About 9% of Americans admit they were afraid of these as children and they’re still frightened of them as adults.  What are they?  (They’re afraid of ballons) 1/7-1/8- Over 400,000 people can say they crashed their cars because they were distracted by this  What is it?  (Christmas lights) 1/6- Although it’s commonly expected in the workplace, 4 out of 10 employees won’t do this at work today.  What is it? (Take a lunch break) 1/5- Experts say this animal is most likely to appear in womens’ dreams.  What’s the animal?  (The snake) 1/4- The increase in the consumption of this food is being called the #1 food trend of the last decade.  What’s the food?  (Yogurt)

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