This is an amazing video of a dog named Shadow, who accompanies his owner when he goes hang gliding. I'm especially impressed because simply trying to walk my dog Sheba around the block can sometimes seem like a difficult, high-risk activity! So,  a hang gliding dog is really something out of the ordinary to me..

Here's the story of Shadow, the hang gliding dog.

A hang glider pilot whose dog cried each time he took to the sky has decided just to take the pooch with him.

The owner of the Australian shepherd, Shadow, decided it was better to build a special rig for his dog instead of teaching him to sit still when he takes off.

Now Shadow can fly the skies above Salt Lake City, Utah right along with his master who says the arrangement is a perfect fit.

Shadow's owner says that he is a protective sort of dog that always worried when his owner flew away, so letting him fly is a way to keep him from worrying so much.

Watch the video of Shadow, the hang gliding dog.