A police force in Canada spent 2011 tracking the astrological signs of local criminals. The results  show, if you believe in this kind of thing, you are much more likely to be arrested if... your an Aries.

In the first known breakdown of crime by Zodiac sign, far more people born under the sign of the Ram were arrested in Chatam-Kent, Ontario than any other sign.

My sign, Libra, was the second most criminal (which explains some of my problems as a teenager), followed by Virgo in third place.

The least criminal, according to this study, were  Sagittarius.  Or,  maybe  they were they just better at  not getting caught!

Here is the complete list of criminality, most to least, based on your astrological sign...


1- Aries

2- Libra

3- Virgo

4- Pisces

5- Leo

6 (tie)




8- Cancer

9- Taurus

10- Aquarius

11- Sagittarius

Do  you believe these findings?  How much does Astrology and your daily horoscope influence you?