We met the final Lite Rock Teacher of the Month for the 2012-2013 school year this morning, and I was very impressed with our choice. 

Marcia Lipari is a teacher of autistic children at the Atlantic County Special Services School District in Mays Landing. It takes a special person to make a difference in the lives of special students, and it seems certain that Mrs. Lipari is quite a special person.

Her nominating student, J.D. Haak's mother, speaks glowingly of the help Mrs. Lipari has given her son.  You can hear Mrs. Haak's nomination and my conversation with Marcia Lipari below.

J.D. Haak is now in the running for a $2000 scholarship for nominating a deserving teacher to be the Lite Rock Teacher of the Month.  We will announce this year's Lite Rock teacher of the Year at a banquet for all nominating teachers, students and families which will be held later this month.  You can see and hear more about this year's Teachers of the Month here.

Lite Rock will visit Mrs. Lipari’s class with a Lite Rock pizza party.  Mrs. Lipari wins a membership to Island Gym and Fitness for her selection as the Lite Rock Teacher of the Month.

Hear my conversation with Marcia Lipari by clicking the link.