Imagine how this might have happened to the average Facebook user. We'll assume she's a woman, because they usually are.

One day she accepted one of the endless requests sent by Facebook friend to play games and decided to give Candy Crush a try.

Soon, it was all she did; at the expense of family, job and everything else. Before long, it also came at the expense of hundreds or thousand of dollars a day!

If this scenario sounds ridiculously extreme, for most people it certainly is.  But for others, it a relatively new and extremely addictive form of gambling.

The online and mobile game Candy Crush is addicting. Some women are coming forward and confessing their obsession.

700 million games a day of Candy Crush are played all around the world. Some people are even breaking their backs bending over their tablets and phones, playing it for hours at a time.

Women aged 22-55 are those most loyal to the game. According to the Daily Mail. U.K. the game seems to be a perfect fit for a woman's lifestyle. "Candy Crush is one of those gender-neutral games that has a "moreish" quality that can fit in flexibly around a woman’s life,' says Professor Mark Griffiths, director of the International Gaming Research Unit at Nottingham Trent University. It takes up all your cognitive ability because you have to concentrate on it 100 per cent.

'That means you can forget about everything else for a few minutes,' he continues, 'which is appealing to many women - whether you're a stay-at-home mother who has ten minutes to play it in between childcare, or a business executive on her commute."

The ability to simply get lost in the game for either a few spare minutes or long periods of time is part of the attraction of Candy Crush to women. With more than 400 stages to the game it's easy to keep playing level after level.

King, the company that owns Candy Crush, makes approximately $600,000 a day off its players.

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Do you play Candy Crush or other online games. If so, share in the comments section below what it is you like about them, and if you believe it can become a dependency.