A beautiful story of hope happening in our own backyard....

Over the weekend, Wildwood hosted an event sponsored by a foundation started by a world champion surfer, Jesse Billauer, which aims to teach people with disabilities how to surf and skate. The event is meant to serve as an example that life isn't all about what they can't do, but what they can. The foundation itself is called 'Life Rolls On', but the surfing division is known as 'They Will Surf Again'.


A little backstory on Jesse; he was just two weeks away from becoming completely professional when he surfed a wave, wiped out, and came out of it alive, but it left him paralyzed for life. On his website, he says that he didn't want life to stop just because an injury occurred. He's all about second chances and positivity, showing people that living with a disability doesn't mean life becomes empty.


Life Rolls On hit the Wildwood beaches for a surfing event this weekend and the video captured by 6ABC.com shows just how inspiring this program is.

Those smiles say it all. To get more info about the Life Rolls On Foundation, click HERE.