Even If you hadn't noticed the small box Miss Idaho, Sierra Sandison, wore on her swimsuit during Thursday night's Miss America preliminary competition at Boardwalk Hall, you certainly would have seen the members of her fan club in the audience holding signs for her to "Show Us Your Pump".

Sandison, 20, who was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in 2012, first began making headlines after wearing her insulin pump during the Miss Idaho Competition earlier this year.

But she's not the first Miss America contestant to wear an insulin pump during the pageant. Nicole Johnson, who was Miss America 1999, also wore her insulin pump on stage.  Sandison said it gave her confidence when she heard about Johnson.

Now Sierra's bikini photo with her pump has gone viral on social media, generating thousands of re-tweets and likes on Facebook, along with diabetics sharing photos with their insulin pumps.

Sandison does admit to receiving a certain amount of negative reaction to wearing her pump, telling E News, "I have gotten negative feedback, which is hurtful, but the positive feedback has been so overwhelming and so appreciated.

I didn't expect people to understand how scary it was. I didn't know how people would respond.  I thought people would think it's not a big deal, but it's been overwhelming to see such positive support and all the #ShowMeYourPumps photos and stories."

What a cool story from one of the very talented and intelligent women in town this week competing to be Miss America!

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