Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band put on an epic show Friday night at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia. I would have to rank it in my Top 5 all time favorite concerts.

The show was awesome, and Bruce and the band have never sounded better. Eddie Davis from the Lite Rock Morning Show and I decided to go at the very last minute without tickets in hand. We ended up buying tickets at the box office when we arrived and had such a good time even though we were in the very last row of the entire stadium. The only benefit of our nose bleed seats was the incredible view of the city.

Even from way up high, the music sounded awesome and the show in general was phenomenal.

Bruce is famous for taking requests from his rabid fans. According to CBS Philly, Matthew Aucion, from Texas A&M, held up a sing that said, "Can a college kid play No Surrender with you?"  Of course, Bruce being The Boss that he is, was happy to oblige.

In the video below, you can see Bruce checking out Matthew's guitar technique to make sure he knew what he was doing on stage. Bruce even turned the mic over to the kid! Check out Matthew's once in a lifetime experience in the video below.

Source: CBSPhilly


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