Calling all foodies, grab your forks and knives! National Food Day is happening on Monday, October 24th. One of the main missions of National Food Day is to get everyone to start eating a little healthier.

This is a day to cut back on the sugary drinks, packaged foods, and generally fatty meats. Instead, the day encourages us to choose more healthy options like fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.

Eating healthy is such an important part of our overall well-being. Need to know where you can find healthy meal choices in South Jersey? Check out our full day plan!

  • 1

    Breakfast - Julies Beach Cafe in Ventnor

    Enjoy your breakfast right on the boardwalk in Ventnor. Try the egg white omelette if you’re looking for a healthy choice for National Food Day!

  • 2

    Lunch - The Spot - Northfield

    Located on Tilton Road in Northfield, this place has great Yelp reviews for their quinoa quesadilla. It's the perfect choice for a healthy lunch!

  • 3

    Dinner - Celina’s Mulberry Market & Grille - Galloway

    Located on W. Jimmie Leeds Road in Galloway, Celina's Mulberry Market & Grille has plenty of healthier dishes. How does a grilled salmon salad or chicken with sun dried cranberries sound? Yum!

  • 4

    Dessert - Bashful Banana Bakery & Cafe - Ocean City

    Try skipping the ice cream on Ocean City's famous boardwalk just this once. You'll want to save room for a healthy desert like a banana whip made with fresh bananas, and topped with peanut butter fudge and chocolate chips!