My friend Christine has a family dilemma.  What should she do with her father?  More exactly, the question is, what to do with her father's ashes?  Christine's dad, Joe, died earlier this year and was cremated. His ashes are temporally resting  in an urn... on her living room credenza. Is resting the right word?  Do your ashes really rest or just sit there?  I'm not sure because my family has always been big into burials, so I don't know all the terms and etiquette about cremations and ashes.  You better believe I know the rules when it comes to a good burial, though!

Anyway, Christine is wrestling with where to spread her dad's ashes.  He let it be known that he wanted them scattered in the ocean near Long Beach island, where he loved to boat.  But it turns out, they give you enough ashes to spread dad around in a few different places if you'd like, and Christine would like.  The idea of having a little of dad in a couple of different places with sentimental value appeals to her.  We're really only talking about half of Joe's ashes. The other half are going to be flown out to California where Christine's brother lives.  Joe gets around... even in death.

All this talk about scattering ashes got me wondering where other people wanted their ashes. I did a little research, and sure enough, someone has done a survey on favorite places to scatter ashes.

The most popular place to have your ashes spread is the ocean.  Four of the top five places people pick are in the ocean. The only other place picked in the top 5 is space. Of all the places on land, not leaving the Earth, the Grand Canyon was number one, followed closely by the beach, your own backyard, and Hawaii.

I'd like to hear where you would like your ashes scattered.  Is there someplace special locally  in South Jersey where you would like to be remembered?  Or do you have another special place somewhere?

Leave your favorite scattered ashes location or  story about spreading someone else's ashes in the comments section below.  Please leave as specific a location as possible and your reasoning for that place.  Here's hoping we won't be scattering your ashes anytime soon!