You can't get started with your workday until you've stopped for your favorite cup of coffee to go.  That should give you the energy to make it 'til your lunch time trip to your favorite fast food joint or deli. Does that sound like you?  Well, that morning cup of coffee and  your lunchtime sandwich... and chips could be adding up to about $3000 a year, according to a recent study.

According to a recent survey of 1000 American workers by Accounting Principals,  half of the countries' workforce buy coffee during the week at up to $5 a day.  An even larger portion of worker- a full two-thirds- buy lunch at work, at an average of $1924 a year.  As the survey points out,  that's more than the $1500 the average worker pays to commute to work each year!

On average, workers spend $37 per week for lunch, but some men spend up to $47 a week.

Men also pay more pay more for coffee ($26 a week), and are more likely to complain about the selections in the office vending machines or honesty snack trays.  Maybe those guys just need another $5 cup of coffee?

I would like you to do some quick tabulating and tell me how much you spend per week on coffee and lunch while at work.  Leave your comments below...