U.S. News and World Report recently ranked each state based off of their quality of life. While creating the list U.S. News and World Report took into account both the natural and social environment. According to the article, "[The Clean Air and Water Acts]...not only help preserve the nation's natural resources, but they protect the public from harmful toxins and resulting health concerns that affect their quality of life."

The article also took into account how people interacted with one another within the state. They said, "Studies show that when people feel socially supported, they experience greater happiness, as well as physical and mental health." Taking these both into consideration, which states are the worst and which are the best?

Coming in at number one is North Dakota. The state ranks in at #2 in natural environment and #3 in social environment. Florida is #1 in natural environment and Alaska is #1 in social environment.

The top 5 for best quality of life is:

  1. North Dakota (Natural #2/Social #3)
  2. Minnesota (Natural #12/Social #4)
  3. Wisconsin (Natural #20/Social #5)
  4. New Hampshire (Natural #13/Social #7)
  5. South Dakota (Natural #6/Social #14)

Where does that leave New Jersey?

Unfortunately, New Jersey is at the bottom of the list coming in at #49, just above California. Our natural environment ranking is #32 and our social environment is the second worst at #49, with Nevada being #50 in social environment.

The bottom 5 for worst quality of life is:

  1. Texas (Natural #38/Social #46)
  2. Illinois (Natural #50/Social #35)
  3. Indiana (Natural #46/Social #43)
  4. New Jersey (Natural #32/Social #49)
  5. California (Natural #44/Social #47)

See the full list here.

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