If you drive on Tilton Road in Northfield, you may have noticed that a big lot has recently been cleared across from Kensington Square. So, what's going there?

A road.

Well, a road to a new apartment complex.

According to an article from The Press of Atlantic City from 2016, in order to meet its affordable housing obligations, the City of Northfield approved developer Max Gurwicz to build a 266-until apartment complex on a huge plot of ground.

Rough outline of the area to be developed in Northfield - Photo: Google Maps

The development will stretch from Tilton Road, next to Beacon, and run all the way behind the Tilton Shopping Center (where the movie theater is), and meet Cresson Avenue behind the Ace Hardware store.

The Press article describes the development:

The project will be built in four phases and consist of 14 three-story, 45-foot-high buildings, as well as a pool and 3,000-square-foot community center, according to the application. There will be 40 affordable-housing units and 225 market rate units included in the development, as well as 575 parking spaces. There will be one unit for a live-in maintenance person.

Planning work on this project started back in 2014 and now almost four years later actual work appears to be underway.

Townsquare Media's Harry Hurley contributed to this report.