During football season, Sundays are all about... football!  Hey, I've got nothin' against football.  In fact, I used to watch the Eagles every single week. But then I got away from it, simply because I got busy doin' other things.

So, what's a girl (or guy) to do on Sundays... other than watch football??
If you go on Facebook when there's a game on, you don't even need to watch the game.  Every single play is reenacted on Facebook, which is great if you wanna know all about the games without actually watchin' them.  But if you don't, then Facebook is even more annoying than usual.
So here are some tips if you're lookin' for a few options:
If you like goin' to the gym, NFL Sundays are the perfect time to go.  The gym is virtually empty, and you can jump on any treadmill you want.  And if you do miss watchin' the game, it's right there in front of you on at least a handful of TV's.

Go to the movies. Recently I'd had enough football for one Sunday, so I headed out to catch a movie.  BTW, that's one of my fave things to do.  And guess what?  I watched a movie ALONE.  I don't mean I went to the movies alone.  I do that all the time!  I mean I was the only person in the theater watchin' this particular flick.  Had the whole place to myself.  It was strange not havin' someone tall sittin' right in front of me.  Or behind me.  Or on either side.  No one.  Not a soul.  But I actually didn't mind.  It was like havin' my own personal theater.

Maybe Football Sundays are not so bad after all.  :)