There are rules in life that go unwritten, but really should be. While most of society understands and accepts these rules, there are others that ignore and need everything written out for them. Some of these unwritten rules include: if you are standing on an escalator stand to the right so people can pass, let people who are leaving a room to exit before you enter, or cover your mouth when you sneeze or cough.

There are some unwritten rules for the boardwalk that everyone should follow. As the summer season approaches, make sure to keep these in mind before spending the day on the boardwalk.

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    Do NOT walk more than 3 in a row.

    Allowing three in a row allows parents to walk side by side with their child. If you have more than one kid, the parents can pair off with a child each. Plus, if you are in a group of three people, no one wants to be that person walking by themselves behind or ahead of the group.

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    Jogging should be left to non-peak hours.

    I get it, going for a run or a jog on the boardwalk is great. You get the fresh air from the ocean mixed with the smells from the food stands. However, trying to dodge in and out of crowds or having other people try to dodge you isn't fun.

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    Do NOT feed the gulls.

    Have you ever had a gull swoop down and almost bite your finger while grabbing a fry? Well, this is what happens when people feed the gulls. They think it's funny or cute, but it's not. All they are doing is making eating on the boardwalk a dangerous situation.

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    Do NOT stop in the middle of the boardwalk to talk.

    The boardwalks here in South Jersey can get pretty packed. If you want to stop and talk or do anything else, please move over to the side. It can be hard enough to navigate around people, having roadblocks just makes it harder.

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    Bike riders: be courteous of everyone else.

    Going on a bike ride on the boardwalk is lovely. Just don't go speeding down the boardwalk. Personally, I hate when bikes go speeding past me. I am always afraid that one day I'm going to be hit. If you are on a tandem bike don't weave in and around people, you already take up a lot of space.