Kennedy Rios had a lot to drink at a house party in a friend's home on Victoria Avenue in Ventnor the night he disappeared.

Later, after getting in an argument, the 21-year-old stumbled out of the house without his coat, even though the wind chill that night was -4°.  It was a little after midnight on January 8th and the Troy Avenue man has been missing ever since.

Police and the Rios family are asking for help from anyone who might have more information on his whereabouts.

A store security system shows footage of Rios at the corner of Victoria and Ventnor Avenues, and follows him until he heads in the direction of Ventnor Heights across the Dorset Avenue Bridge and the bay at Ski Beach, ten blocks from his home.

His family reported Rios missing later that day after he failed to report to his job as a houseman at Borgata.

State Marine Police have searched the Ventnor Bay twice since then using sonar and scanning equipment, but have found nothing. Police have also used K-9 dogs and followed a variety of other leads, all without success.

Kennedy Rois is 5' 6'' tall and 165 pounds, has short black hair, brown eyes and brown skin.

Anyone with information is asked to call Ventnor Police at 609-822-2101.