Eating breakfast is good. Skipping breakfast is bad. But if you make bad choices for breakfast, well then that's not good.

One of my fave things for breakfast is oatmeal.

Comfort food that's good for!  The problem is I like to sweeten it up with honey & brown sugar.  Not honey OR brown sugar, but BOTH.  Yikes!  So much for healthy eatin', huh?  So instead I tried sweetenin' it up with fresh fruit.  And guess what?  Still yummy!

As for eggs, they're comfort food to me too.  My fave omelet??

Marlene Aqua / Townsquare Media

Spinach, red peppers, & feta cheese.  And I stick to wheat toast instead of white, & jelly instead of butter.  That way I can have my breakfast...and eat it too.  :)