A rule is a rule?  That's the policy on TV's "Wheel of Fortune", apparently, and they don't bend the rules for any reason.

An Oregon man lost out on a chance to win a lot of money on "Wheel Of Fortune".

When he pulled the million dollar placard, he went to solve the puzzle but pronounced a word wrong.

The answer was "Corner curio cabinet", but he pronounced it "Corner curo cabinet".

As you can see, the contestant clearly flubbed the pronunciation of "curio." But the question is, were the "Wheel of Fortune" judges too harsh? If they were, they were no meaner than the "Jeopardy" judges who penalized a 12-year-old Connecticut boy for misspelling "emancipation" last month.

So, what do you think?  Fair or not?  Tell me "yes" or "no", and give me your thoughts in the comments section below.