Francie Trout is an old friend and radio co-worker of mine who I keep in touch with via Facebook.  Her post last week caught my attention and I thought I would share the story with you.

Francie has always been a major fan of the band Heart and she was at the BB&T Pavilion last Sunday to see them in concert. Francie was even lucky enough to get back stage before the show to meet Heart's Nancy and Ann Wilson.

But the concert was a bittersweet experience for Francie. She had expected to attend the concert with her nephew Sammy. But Sammy died  in February when he was burned beyond recognition.

When Francie, who splits time between Wildwood and the Philly area, shared her story with the ladies from Heart, she struck such a nerve with them that Nancy Wilson dedicated a song to Sammy on stage that night.

Here's more from Francie's Facebook post...

The deceased fan is my nephew Sammy. He would be 25 this August 18th. He was killed on February 22. We don't have any answers as to what happened. All we know is he was burned beyond recognition. He was suppose to go to his first Heart concert with his "old" aunt on July 31st. Instead, at a meet and greet prior to the show, I told Ann and Nancy the story of what happened and why he wasn't at the concert that day. It really touched both women. Ann called me a strong woman as she took and held my hand. I never asked the band to do anything, other than to listen to my story. The dedication was a total surprise. Music does sooth the soul, especially when you are grieving a wonderful man that was lost in a tragic event.

Here's video of Nancy Wilson's dedication to Francie's nephew...