Micheal Tittinger has one of the coolest blog journals I've seen.  Micheal has been posting every couple of days during his trek across the United States from California to Ocean City - on foot... He hopes to raise $25,000 for a scholarship to benefit families of heart-transplant patients.

Tittinger's first wife Deanna died just five months after receiving her heart transplant back in 2000.  Ocean City had been one of Deanna's  favorite vacation spots as a kid and its where Michael spread her ashes on the beach after her death.  Tittinger is now remarried and lives in Los Angeles. As the tenth anniversary of Deanna's death approached, Michael searched for a way to honor her. On  June 18th  he left San Fransisco, officially become a walking man.  He hopes to make his way to Ocean City just before Christmas

His blog is a fascinating look at America, by foot, 20 miles or so a day.  Tittinger is taking his time, shifting direction like the wind, making it up as he goes and slowly moving east.  Along the way he's meeting people,  chronicling a slice of life across America and creating a wonderful tribute to his first wife Deanna.

You can read Tittinger's blog and make a donation to his scholarship fund at mikeywalks.com