April Kauffman was found dead in her bedroom one year ago today.  The well-known veterans advocate and local radio host was found shot to death in her Linwood home on May 10th, 2012.  There has been no arrest in the murder.

Friday night at 7pm, friends and family of Kauffman's will gather down the street from her home to mark the sad anniversary and to push for justice in the killing.

The vigil will be held on the Linwood bike path behind Mainland High School.  A rally will immediately follow the vigil.

A Facebook page announcing the vigil offers a call to action.

"We all want Justice for April and to see her killer behind bars and off our streets. Take this opportunity to ask for that Justice. Remember April for all the good she did, all the people she helped, the Veterans, Red Cross Disaster Victims, Atlantic County Toys for Kids, and so many more, year after year.
Be April's voice, let Your voice be heard, ask for Justice...