There are still no leads in the case of the trailer stolen Sunday, April 22nd, from in front of the Art of Gymnastics and Cheer Studio on Route 47 in Rio Grande.  The trailer contained $5000 worth of gear needed for a gymnastics competition coming up just... two weeks away.

Since I first blogged about this, many people have asked me the same question.  Who steals gear from young kids training for a gymnastics show?  I don't know the answer, but I sure would like to see them get caught!

There is speculation that the trailer must have been hidden away after being stolen, or someone certainly would have spotted it.  The missing trailer is a enclosed black single axle type,  approx 6′ by 12′,  with NJ. license plate TGVU7P.  If you see it, please contact  the Middle Township Police Department at 609-465-8700. The trailer is pictured, but it did not have the chalk writing on it at the time of the theft.

Meantime, The Art of Gymnastics studio has begun the task of rebuilding some of the props needed for the show.  If you can help or would like to make a donation toward replacing the trailer and gear, call KelliAnn at 609-886-7200