The search for Davis McAuliffe, the captain of a sea tow boat missing in the Ocean off of Ocean City since Tuesday morning was called off Wednesday.

The Coast Guard spend 30 hours searching over 400 square miles of water without any sign of the missing man or his boat,  the Cape Hatteras.

Reporters interviewed McAuliffe's distraught wife, Lynsey outside their Egg Harbor Township home and the video is absolutely heartbreaking.  "David McAuliffe. Dirty blonde hair, crystal blue eyes, and he has a wife and a 15-year-old daughter that need him at home."

Can you imagine this woman's pain?  Not knowing her husband's fate and being left with the real possibility she may never get closure has to be one of the hardest things any loved one would ever have to deal with.

If you missed it, here is a copy of the story as reported Wednesday by NBC-40 TV, as Lynsey McAuliffe pleads for the Coast Guard and South Jersey boaters to continue the search for her husband.

Courtesy of TV-40...