I'm sure the tempataion to bing on Halloween Candy in the next couple of days will be strong! I know it will be for me..  Here's a list of the Top 5 Hallowwen Candy offenders from a health prespective from organicauthority.com  OK here we go:

5.   Reeses Fast Break   (Are these still around?)  30 grams of sugar  

4.  Milky Way ( My personal fav!)  35 grams of sugar plus trans-fat.

3.  Starburst   Loaded with sugar and trans-fat.

2.  3 Musketeers 40 grams of sugar..

1. Skittles  a whoppiong 47 grams of sugar which is equal to 10 teaspoons of sugar.. ( Is there anything wrong that?) ( Can you say super sugar rush!)

Happy Hallowen!