Eddie Davis

The topic of conversation for every homeowner in coastal New Jersey... is FEMA's new flood maps and the impact of the emergency amendments the state has adopted in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.

Will you have to raise your house even if you received little or no damage from the storm?  If you do have to raise your home, how high?  Is there any money available to help if you do have to raise the house?  If you don't raise the house, what will happen to your flood insurance rates?

We too have been asking many of these questions at my house recently and hearing contradictory information and answers.

Here is a link for the three page response from the Department of Environmental Protection issued Monday addressing many of the most frequently asked questions related to the new flood maps and the impact on coastal homeowners.

Look it over and let me know in the comments section below if the DEP's response answered your questions sufficiently and how you plan on handling the elevation issue with your home.