They say the Christmas comeback of the season is the return of...the ugly Christmas sweater.  Vintage shops are reporting an a noticeable uptick in the sale of sweaters so tacky, they seem to scream, " happy bad sweater holidays to you"!  Bored college kids started the kitschy craze with Ugly Christmas Sweater Parties (UCSP) a few years ago, and just like every thing old... it eventually turns new again.  Couldn't we have an occasional nice fashion trend come back in to fashion?  Regardless, it's time to dig deep in to the recesses of your ugliest clothes closet or go shopping at your local thrift shop for a new, old ugly sweater. I guess you could buy a new ugly sweater, but that would give you away as an obvious bad fashion wagon- jumper who runs right out to buy whatever atrocious  style happens to be trending this week,  so I would recommend going "vintage ugly".
If, however,  the return of the ugly Christmas sweater trend offends your sensibilities,  have a little patience.  The ugly Christmas sweater season will be over soon,  and before long we'll be moving in to ugly Valentine's Day sweater season.