You know what they say in Missouri?  Show me! That's the attitude I'm taking about the news that driving on Tilton Road in Northfield will soon become a less jarring experience.

Having heard this song before, I'll believe it when I see it!

The seemingly endless Tilton Road construction project could be entering its final phase, according to the Atlantic County Engineer.

The Press of Atlantic City is reporting the delay to find a contractor to do the work post-Hurricane Sandy is over and the paving work will begin "in the next few weeks" .

Apparently, Tilton Road was found to need drainage basins necessary to eliminate flooding.  I hope a detailed study wasn't nedded to make this determination, because it was apparent to me the first time it rained back in 2001.

As long as I'm venting about the deplorable shape of Tilton Road, didn't they tear it apart to put in a drainage system years ago, only to find that it still flooded every time we had a shower?

For more than ten years, I have been banging up and down Tilton Road to come to work at the Lite Rock studios in Northfield.  All the while, promises to remedy the situation have been made and broken, so.... you are going to have to show me.