"You're gonna need a bigger boat"! You won't be able to read this story  about the two Jersey fisherman who had a close encounter with a 300 pound mako shark, without having flashbacks to the movie "Jaws".

The two anglers were shark fishing in Manasquan Inlet,  a little over an hour north of Atlantic City, when a 303-pound, 8-foot mako shark leapt into the bow of their 31-foot boat. Then it proceeded to eat the boat.

The guys were scouting for three mako fishing tournaments. Shortly after they set up their bait, they got a visit. The shark swam by the side of the boat and starting getting aggressive, eating all the balloons that marked their baits.

According to USA Today, mako sharks are considered the fastest shark species and can leap 30 feet in the air.

One of the guys said. "We were trying to feed bait to him. As soon as he felt the hook, he shot 15 feet in the air" and landed right in the boat. They wrestled him down and got a rope around his tail to secure him. After that, they hauled him back to shore for pictures.

Read more and see a video with the fishermen here.