While most people can't (or won't) retire until their 60's or 70's, thinking about retirement should start much sooner rather than later.

Go Banking Rates.com has compiled a list of the best spot in every U.S. state to retire on a fixed income.

According to Go Banking Rates, the average Social Security benefit for retired workers in 2017 was $1,369 per month. In case you're counting, that comes out to $16,428 for the year. For couples the amount per year is $32,856.

If you're on a fixed income, which means you rely heavily on a mix Social Security, pension and inheritance with little or no change to the amount you're receiving each month, then the best place for you to retire in the Garden State is Absecon!

Absecon also gets huge props in the article for being the only city in the entire study to see a 0% year-over-year change for home values!

Source: gobankingrates.com


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