It's hard to believe that Thanksgiving is less than 2 weeks away. Seriously, where has the year gone? In fact, "turkey day" is just about as early as it can possibly be, on November 22nd. 

I honestly never realized that there were so many questions surrounding the holiday for giving thanks.

Of course, cooking would be a topic that could result in many questions asked including recipes, how to properly cook a bird, what stores are open, and most importantly, what time the football games start!

Century Link just released a map of what each state is googling ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday. The most googled question by residents of the Garden State? "Does England celebrate Thanksgiving"?

Century Link

What?? No turkey, football or pecan pie questions? At least we're not alone as that was also the top question for Pennsylvania and Virginia. The answer (after Googling it) is no, by the way.

Some of the other questions across the U.S. are restaurants that are open for Thanksgiving, NFL games,turkey bowling, and things to be thankful for.

Here's the list from Century Link to see what all the states Google for Thanksgiving.


Source: Century Link


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