Does Lionel Richie's recent high profile have anything to do with paying the tax man?  E !News is reporting the 62-year-old entertainer  has a $1.1 million debt with the Feds.

The sum is reportedly unpaid income tax from 2010.  As you may know, the I.R.S. doesn't... mess around when you owe them money.  Lionel has also been slapped with a lien , meaning the federal government has the right to seize his assets if he doesn't pay up!

I would think that Lionel would be able to pay off those debts in 2012, having just released a commercially successful album of his songs done as duets with country artists and  a prime time TV special to coincide with the album "Tuskegee".  He also has a recurring role as an adviser on the TV show The Voice and will appear as a judge on the new singing competition show "Duets".