We feel you.

No one likes driving. No likes driving forever to get to work. And if you do, I can't even say what I really want to say to you.

I have no patience. If it were possible I would just teleport to where I have to be via tube, like 'Futurama', or wiggle my nose like a certain witch...

According to the 2012-2016 U.S. Census data, people in South Jersey commute to work more than a half hour each day. That is more than the national average by seven minutes.

The following 8 South Jersey towns have long commutes from shortest to longest...

  • 1

    Ocean City, Cape May County

    Average commute: 26.4 minutes

    Google Maps
  • 2

    Alloway Township, Salem County

    Average commute: 28.7 minutes

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  • 3

    Greenwich Township, Cumberland County

    Average commute: 30 minutes

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  • 4

    Clayton Borough, Gloucester County

    Average commute: 33.2 minutes

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  • 5

    Folsom Borough, Atlantic County

    Average commute: 34.6 minutes

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  • 6

    Winslow Township, Camden County

    Average commute: 34.8 minutes

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  • 7

    Woodland Township, Burlington County

    Average commute: 35.9 minutes

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  • 8

    Little Egg Harbor Township, Ocean County

    Average commute: 36.9 minutes

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