These Boards Are Made For Walking. Sounds pretty obvious, yet sometimes the most obvious choice is the one we overlook.

The best thing about a Boardwalk is that it's designed for just that...walking!  Or running or bike-riding (at certain times).  You don't have to worry about cars, which is nice.  Of course, you do have to worry about other people, who walk too slow or do other annoying things.  And for those of us who live here year-round, the Boardwalk in the summer can be ridiculously crowded.  But if you stay away from the livelier Boardwalks (like Ocean City, Wildwood, and Atlantic City) and instead try places like Ventnor and Margate, you will usually be able to take a nice walk without stepping on too many toes.

The Boards are what make the Jersey Shore what it is.  And yes, I know they're not unique to this area.  However, there are lots of beach towns without a Boardwalk.  And I've gotta tell's just not the same.  When I lived in Myrtle Beach for a few years, I missed having no Boardwalk with my beach!  There's something about the smell of the Boards on a warm summer night.  S-w-e-e-t.  :)