Here is a completely random list for you!  Which country is out-drinking the rest of the world?

This list of countries that consume the most alcohol per capita in an average year includes beer, wine and spirits. Based on a 2011 report by the World Health Organization surveying citizen over the age of 15.

Do you think the U.S. made the list?  Not even close!  The United States was number 56.

And even with all the drunk Irishman jokes, the Irish didn't crack the top ten. I've heard those parties in Moldova get really out of hand!


1. Moldova

2. Czech Republic

3. Hungary

4. Russia

5. Ukraine

6. Estonia

7. Andorra

8. Romania

9. Slovenia

10. Belarus

11. Croatia

12. Lithuania

13. South Korea

14. Portugal

15. Ireland

16. France

17. United Kingdom

18. Denmark

19. Slovakia

20. Netherlands

21. Austria

22. Luxembourg

23. Germany

24. Finland

25. Latvia