Do you think you are eating healthy?  I thought I was doing a pretty good job eating right, but I'm not so sure after seeing the list of the Top 10 "Powerhouse" foods.

Not only don't I eat many of the foods these researchers say are the best to help in the prevention of disease, I honestly don't even know what some of them are. Chard?

And some of the foods I thought were the healthiest, fruits and berries, for instance, didn't even factor on the list.

Researchers at New Jersey's William Paterson University compiled a list of powerhouse foods based on their amounts of 17 crucial nutrients. They looked at both fruits and vegetables, with veggies dominating the list.

Watercress came in with a perfect score of 100, the only food to do so.

Here is the top 10:

Watercress (100)

Chinese cabbage (91.99)

Chard (89.27)

Beet greens (87.08)

Spinach (86.43)

Chicory (73.36)

Leaf lettuce (70.73)

Parsley (65.59)

Romaine lettuce (63.48)

Collard greens (62.49)

See more about the list and how it was determined in this article from the Washington Post