Smile!  It’s picture time!  And with Facebook it seems it’s always picture time.  And with smart phones, most people have a pretty nice camera right at their fingertips.  But I have to tell you (and I’m probably going to get deleted by more than a few Facebook friends after saying this), sometimes I see certain pictures and think, “Really?”. 

I will admit I love the fact that you can catch up with old friends through pictures.  That’s awesome.  But let’s face it…we all judge.  If you say you don’t, then I say you’re probably lying.  Sometimes I’m amazed by the pics people share.  And I’m not talking about teenagers.  That’s another story for another time.  I’m talking about adults, especially women.  Here’s the thing, ladies…if you look totally fabulous, good for you.  You should be proud of that.  Really you should!  But if you overdo it with the pics day after day, some of us may get a bit tired of telling you constantly how fabulous you look.  Though we might shower you with compliments, inside we may be feeling less-than-fabulous ourselves.  So could you please throw in a couple of not-so-perfect pics every now and then, so the rest of us can feel better about ourselves?  Hey, anyone can look great before a big night out.  I’m just saying we all want to see what you look like at the end of the night.  Because let’s face it…most of us women have issues about our weight, our features, our hair, or something.  Or is it just me??

I post a lot on my Facebook page, but usually not a lot of pics of myself.  Then several months ago, I had to get a professional mugshot taken.  And NO…I didn’t get arrested, although I felt like it!  (Oh, I miss the days when you had to imagine what your favorite radio announcers looked like.  And in our minds, didn’t they always look really good?).  Anyway, after rejecting pic after pic, I finally settled on one.  But I joked to the photographer that he needed to photo-shop the circles out from under my eyes.  Well, apparently I think he did, and I wasn’t sure whether to be relieved or insulted.  I found myself explaining to long-lost friends who said nice things that it was photo-shopped, for crying out loud!  Eventually I took it off my wall and vowed to find a pic I like that doesn’t need to be ‘touched up’.  I’ll let you know when I find it.