Where are the best places in our part of South Jersey to walk your dog?  Every dog owner has looked for  new and different spots to get your doggy, and yourself, some exercise.  The daily walk around the neighborhood gets boring for both of you after awhile, and when you have the chance to explore something new, it’s handy to have some ideas of where to go. But if you do an internet search for “good places for dog walk in New Jersey”, you’ll get pages of information and ideas for wonderful spots to …walk ‘ol Rover, and almost all of it will be for central and northern New Jersey.

As the owner of a ten-month old puppy (or,  is she really the one in charge?), I’ve wondered about this myself. It seemed like a good idea to try to compile five excellent places in Atlantic and Cape May Counties,  well within driving distance,  for you to try out when the opportunity presents itself.

This is not to say these are the only great places locally to walk your dog.  You may know of one in your town that’s not included.  If so, feel free to list it in the comments section below, along with any observations or experiences you’ve had walking your dog at any of my top five places.

Most, but not all, of the spots on the list require on-leash walking and some are only available seasonally.  Most are free, but some charge and insist on pet registration.  I’ll try to make that clear with each of the five listings.   Every place on the list has particular rules and regulations concerning walking your dog, and you should make yourself familiar with them before using any of the places for doggy exercise!

So, here they are….”Eddie’s Top Five Places to walk your dog in South Jersey”…..

Number One:  The Longport Dog Beach, Ocean Drive and Somers Point Longport Blvd, EHT.

First of all, the Longport Dog Beach isn't in Longport, it's in a narrow portion of the Egg Harbor Township (it's a long story), between Longport and Somers Point.  The beach is at the base of the Ocean City Bridge, across from the fishing pier.

It's my number one pick because it's the only local beach that allows dogs off-leash access without permits or tags, year round.  Some others South Jersey beaches allow dogs year-round (North end Brigantine and Lower Township beaches along the Delaware, among them) but they require leashes.

During the off-season, most South Jersey beach communities allow dog walking, and, although you'll  see lots of unleashed dogs on them, technically that's against the rules.

It's   little frightening to some people out for a walk alone on the beach when they see an unleashed dog charging at them.  Let's face it, some dogs should be kept on a leash.

That the beauty of the Longport Dog Beach.  It's dedicated to dogs!   If your dog is social enough and can be trusted for a good, hard romp on the beach and in the bay, you can't beat the Longport Dog Beach for a good dog walk in South Jersey!

Leave my your comments below on good spots in South Jersey to walk your dog.