Both sexes don't handle their mid-life crisis the way that they used to. According to a study from Britain's Daily Mail, the over 40 set have gotten more frugal as they got older.

Instead of men buying a red Ferrari or women getting a nip and a tuck, 40-somethings are more likely to spend a lot less to feel young than they did before.

Struggling middle-agers are now a lot more contemplative, looking up old flames on Facebook and worrying about the future.

Today's middle-aged folks are also worried about being upstaged by tech-savvy youngsters in the work place, so they sign up for sites like Twitter to not appear behind the times.

The study also found that the most popular age for men to reach their mid-life crisis was 43, but for women it's 44.

The phase typically lasts between three and ten years in men - twice as long as women.

Other top signs of a modern midlife crisis include suddenly desiring to have a simpler life, going to trendy music festivals, and taking no pleasure in friends' successes.

Even though many of these signs you are experiencing a midlife crisis seem like issues I had in my 20's, here's a link to the list for you to decide for yourself, old-timer. Remember, this list is from a British newspaper, so you will have to do an American translation on several of these.