They might not be the prettiest of animals but when it comes to friendliness, the... hairless Sphynx is apparently the best.

A survey of 129 cats from 14 different breeds found the Sphinx cats to be the most affectionate, while the common domestic tabby cat was ranked as the most likely to ignore their owners, shy away from affection and flee from strangers.

It is thought the Sphynx's affectionate nature is due to its reliance on humans to keep warm.

The survey said the pedigreed cats may also be friendlier because breeders leave kittens with their mothers for longer, during a crucial period in their development when they are becoming used to humans.

By the way, Sphynx cats are also popular with allergy sufferers because of their lack of fur, but they are not hypo-allergenic.

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Here is an amusing video of the Sphynx in action...